Closure Report

Project Summary

This project was created to help CMVM (College of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine) Biomedical Teaching Office (BMTO) assess how useful SharePoint might be with regard to it's on-going relationship with Zhejiang University in China. It builds upon activities executed and under development in:


The project delivered:
  • a new SharePoint site -

    • this has been performance tested from Edinburgh and Zhejiang successfully
    • owner, edit, contribute, read groups created to manage permissions and access
    • identified an internal team to manage the site
  • scope modified to focus on delivering internal BMTO content
    • content identified, site structured to support this requirement
    • initial documents migrated by the project team
    • instructions provided to enable internal staff to migrate the remaining content in their own time
    • intention is for BMTO to eventually migrate all content from a shared drive onto the new site
  • links to documents can now be utilised rather than sending actual documents
    • permissions can be granted to enable colleagues to take advantage of SharePoint and work on the same documents together, collaboratively

The project completed  Phase 1 - steps to deliver the Live site. The Sponsor and the Project Manager agreed to reduce the scope, and put Phase 2 - process flow requirements and Phase 3 - wiki updates on hold until further notice.

Due to internal (to BMTO) issues, access to key staff has not been achieved for the project to complete everything that we had intended to at the start. A pragmatic solution was to ensure local staff were trained and had instructions to migrate content themselves, use and other training materials to enhance their understanding and when ready, re-engage with MVM and ISG to proceed and develop the site further.

SharePoint solution architects are fully aware of the site and BMTO are able to initiate calls via Unidesk if they have any support concerns.

In parallel, MVM have reviewed their use of SharePoint across the College (via MVM522 MVM Business Process Review for SharePoint Delivery). Consequently, they are consolidating knowledge internally and this will be another group of colleagues that BMTO will also have access too.


Analysis of Resource Usage:

Staff Usage Estimate: 15 days

Staff Usage Actual: 15 days

Other Resource Variance: 0%

This was the budget approved for phase 1. The total budget for the project in the brief, with Phase 2 & 3, was 42 days.



Five PICCLs were introduced to manage scope, budget and major milestone changes.

Scope and budget were continually managed by the PM and Sponsor and all agreed.

Major milestones were impacted by:-

  1. initial access issues with SharePoint solution architects - resolved
  2. access issues to BMTO staff - Sponsor and PM identified pragmatic approach to resolving this, though it did mean that the project engagement lengthened, though budget was not impacted


Explanation for variance



Key Learning Points

  1. The Sponsor was fully engaged at all times and personally involved when we ran some pilot's between UoE and Zhejiang successfully. He can absolutely see the benefits of SharePoint.
  2.  Access to key BMTO staff at major points was not always possible and consequently not available for meetings with SharePoint architects.
  3. MVM have limited budget, huge ambition, and limited availability. They cannot afford to support the agile development approach they wish to follow. They were not able to supply a clear set of requirement for further SharePoint development at this stage.


Outstanding Issues/Next Steps

  1. Further project: BMTO is expected to take forward Phase 2 & 3, and further SharePoint development when ready.  They are likely to require more time from Project Services and  SharePoint specialists within ISG in order to

    • extend to a document library

    • enhance access/structure collaboration spaces/create private space.

  2. Support: MVM are creating their own internal capability, but this will take time. No additional support is required for the current site and any support query will follow the existing support model for SharePoint via call to





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