The Annual Review Steering Group is responsible, on behalf of the Principal, for actively identifying ways to ensure that Annual Review contributes to meeting University objectives.

The remit of the group is as follows:

  • Discuss and develop initiatives which will promote the achievement of the Key Performance Indicator - an increase to 100% participation in the Annual Review process evidenced by completed and signed off Annual Review forms.


  • Consider and make recommendations on how to promote personal accountability for the delivery of this KPI across the University.  Discuss ways of engaging key managers and enlisting local ambassadors to promote annual review within each school/department.


  • Consider how reviewers and reviewees are identified and how this is communicated to individuals i.e. who managers need to review and from the employees perspective who will be responsible for carrying out their review.


  • Discuss the linkages with academic career progression reviews and how the annual review process can support this. 


  • Develop appropriate and proportionate Annual Review arrangements for staff on atypical contracts of employment of more than 3 months.


  • Consider the need for the introduction of systems to support annual review processes, including the recording and reporting of annual reviews for all relevant staff.  To consider online annual review systems  and how these would link into broader initiatives on the introduction of talent management software


  • Provide oversight and report on the development of more effective descriptions of the relationship between annual reviews and other policies/processes e.g. probation process, study support etc.


  • Consider the content and presentation of relevant management information to Court e.g. reporting on annual reviews, probation reviews, academic career development discussions, etc.


  • Review and develop the Annual Review forms and guidance to ensure they align with the key requirements set out in the University Strategic Plan.


  • Explore and discuss issues around confidentiality of completed Annual Review records.


  • Explore the development of guidance on how to resolve disagreements or disputes that may occur during the Annual Review process.


  • Provide oversight and report on development of a system for ensuring that reviewers have appropriate training and/or experience to carry out Annual Reviews.


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