Completion Report

Project Summary:

This project has migrated the bespoke Dentistry VLE to BlackBoard Learn, the decision to migrate to BlackBoard Learn was made following  the review undertaken by the VLE Consolidation Project (TEL038).

A full breakdown of the work undertaken and the decisions made during the migration can be found in the Dentistry Migration Plan - 


Analysis of Resource Usage:

Staff Usage Estimate: 54 days

Staff Usage Actual: 46 days


Explanation for variance:

Initial estimates were 'best guess' based on limited previous experience of migration process. In addition to this, Dentistry programme team migrated significant amounts of content.

Key Learning Points:

PO262 Dentistry – Lessons Learned


What has gone well...

Further notes


Organising time to work side by side with programme teams

  • Improved workflows and efficiency during the design and content migration stages.
  • Helps to mitigate against any concerns being raised by programme and with fleshing out issues through face-to-face discussions. Crucial that this is someone empowered/able to make decisions to keep things moving forward.


Choosing one team member from LTW (as well as the PM) to take a lead communication role between LTW and specific programme team.

  • Improved communication and reduces crossing-wires.


 Migration Plan/planning exercise

 Migration Plan allowed the detail/complexities of the migration to be explored at an early stage in the project and was a useful place to record decisions taken/work completed during the migration workshop itself


 Weekly joint project/programme team meetings

 Particularly useful during the latter stages of the project as a significant amount of the work at this stage was undertaken by the programme team themselves


 Use Cases

 Useful in initial prototyping and as a start point for conversations during migration planning. (See What to watch for no.4)


Usability Testing

Used only in the latter stages of Delivery for Dentistry but proved a useful exercise allowing the project team to see the VLE through ‘fresh’ eyes. In future migration projects, would start usability sessions as soon as the initial proto type is in place and run through the life of the project.


What to watch for...

Further notes


Designing templates

  • Factor in future management of courses, post migration. If there is no resource and/or knowledge within to the school, ensure templates are manageable by programme staff, and require little to no editing over time (for example, bespoke HTML within text editor content etc.),


Template sign-off

  • Once a template is created, ensure one complete module (with content) is created using it, and have the LTW and programme staff walk through its entirety, before a sign-off.
  • Ongoing changes were required to templates throughout previous migrations, as a result of not full awareness of how modules were delivered.


Awareness of volume of module content

  • Ensure programme team are aware of how much content their courses/modules hold, and the time involved in migrating.
  • Re-writing/updating of content has taken longer in previous projects, due to content publishers not getting content in on time, causing delays.


 Use Cases

Proved to be of limited use in identifying all the intricacies of functionality supported on the VLE. Despite producing an assessment use case for Dentistry, and having this reviewed and signed off, the need for double blind marking was not identified. A manual workaround was found for this – as this is not supported in Learn - but the fact that it was missed was unsettling for the programme team.


 Tutor Training

Although Tutor training session went well, it would have been useful to produce the same kind of ‘how to ‘manual that was produced for students. This should include relevant screenshots and information about how to use MediaHopper etc.



 Bulk upload to MediaHopper ultimately unsuccessful, no meta tagging comes across and as you can only have one owner for the import, only one person can then do the tagging. Better, until this is improved, to upload and tagging one by one.


Support Materials for Students

Students don’t tend to read support materials. Better to include key points in actual activities during the introductory course.


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Dentistry VLE Migration Project
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Annie Heaney
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Anne-Marie Scott
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