The WIS, or 'Weekly Inter-Section', meeting occurs weekly within the Applications Directorate. The aim of WIS is to review service issues, matters affecting staff, and provides quality assurance support for programmes and projects that impact on Directorate staff, services or financial resources. WIS is not a project governance board or committee.  

Project Services staff were encouraged during a monthly Section Meeting to give feedback on their experience of the current WIS process. This flagged a number of areas for review, including the naming convention and timing of WIS, consistency and engagement. This project will therefore provide further insight into stakeholder feedback surrounding the current WIS process, produce a review report detailing suggestions for immediate and long-term change, and action some of the immediate adjustments. 

This project will consist of:

  • A review of existing feedback to highlight the key areas for review.  

  • Conducting surveys and interviews with stakeholders using Section Meeting responses as a guide to gain further insight into current WIS processes.  

  • Collating information into a review document, providing suggestions for immediate solutions and more long-term goals.   

  • Establishing a short life steering group to oversee project and proposed changes 

  • Implementation of immediate changes. 


  • Naming convention. 

  • Timing of the WIS process.

  • Project, programme, and portfolio elements of the WIS agenda. 

  • Understanding partner perceptions of WIS.

  • Review of the tool used for WIS (currently WIKI). 

  • Review of  existing WIS Guidance.

  • Reviewing opportunity for staff to engage and present at WIS.


Out of scope

  • Elements of the WIS agenda not related to project, programme, or portfolio e.g. service news.

  • Membership of WIS. 

  • Delivery of longer-term solutions which require significant effort.


Objectives and Deliverables

Objectives and Desirables  Priority (MOSCOW)
O1. Understand current attitudes towards WIS   Must Have
D1. Review existing feedback and highlight key areas for review Must Have
D2. Complete an AS-IS process map  Must Have
D3. Create survey and interview questions based on this feedback   Must Have
D4. Conduct surveys and interviews with relevant stakeholders  Must Have
O2. Identify recommendations for improving the WIS process Must Have
D1. Produce a summary of the research findings  Must Have
D2. Write up immediate and long-term recommendations based on evidence gathered   Must Have
D3. Have recommendations approved by steering group  Must Have
O3. Implement immediate changes as approved by steering group  Should Have
D1. Clear communication strategy for staff  Should Have 
D2. Implement immediate changes to the WIS process  Should Have
D3. Update WIS guidance  Should Have



  • Improved understanding of the role of WIS both internal and external to Apps. 

  • Increased efficiency of the WIS process. 

  • Increased confidence in the WIS process. 

  • Improved submissions to WIS. 

Success Criteria

  • Stakeholders have been effectively engaged and evidence gathered from diverse sources. 

  • The review report is produced on schedule. 

  • Recommended immediate changes are approved and implemented.  

  • Longer-term suggested changes are captured and logged. 


Project Milestones

Stage Milestone Due Date
Plan End of Planning


Execute      End of Data Gathering 6-Aug-2021
Execute Review Report Completed  6-Aug-2021
Final Report Approved by Steering Group
Deliver Immediate Changes Implemented 18- Aug-2021
Close Closure 20-Aug-2021


Project Info

WIS Review
Project Management Office (PMO)
Project Manager
Amy Harley
Project Sponsor
Rhian Davies
Current Stage
Start Date
Planning Date
Delivery Date
Close Date
Overall Priority