Closure Report


Project Summary

The purpose of this project has been to undertake a review of the current WIS processes. A variety of stakeholders were identified with varying exposure to WIS. Research was then carried out by means of a questionnaire, circulated to the entire Apps Directorate, and discussion groups held with key stakeholders. Overall, the data and discussions throughout this project found that WIS was a positive institution which worked somewhat effectively as a quality assurance measure in its current form. Research also found that there were several areas which could be improved upon based on stakeholder feedback. 

The report provides details of the research method, and summarises our findings around 6 themes: 

  • Naming convention 

  • Timeline 

  • Format 

  • Guidance 

  • Role of WIS

  • Feedback 

Based on the findings, we have made 6 recommendations with associated actions: 

  1. Change the name of WIS to Apps Review 

  1. Move WIS to a Thursday 

  1. Improve the consistency of submissions, review, and feedback 

  1. Improve understanding of the purpose and scope of WIS 

  1. Improve communication of feedback 

  1. Remove the Risks and Issues Escalation section 

Analysis of Resource Usage:

Staff Usage Estimate: 10 days

Staff Usage Actual: 14.5 days

Other Resource Estimate: N/A

Other Resource Actual: N/A

Other Resource Variance: N/A


Explanation for Variance



Objectives and Deliverables Priority (MOSCOW) Outcome 
O1. Understand current attitudes towards WIS    Must Have
D1. Review existing feedback and highlight key areas for review  Must Have Achieved  
D2. Complete an AS-IS process map   Must Have Achieved - linked in appendix of review report 
D3. Create survey and interview questions based on this feedback  Must Have Achieved - circulated on 20/7/21 and closed on 4/8/21
D4. Conduct surveys and interviews with relevant stakeholders   Must Have Achieved 
O2. Identify recommendations for improving the WIS process  Must Have
D1. Produce a summary of the research findings Must Have Achieved - review report completed 13/8/21 
D2. Write up immediate and long-term recommendations based on evidence gathered    Must Have Achieved - detailed in review report 
D3. Have recommendations approved by steering group Must Have Achieved - meeting held on 4/8/21  
O3. Implement immediate changes as approved by steering group   Should Have
D1. Clear communication strategy for staff Should Have Achieved 
D2. Implement immediate changes to the WIS process  Should Have Not yet achieved 
D3. Update WIS guidance   Should Have Not yet achieved 


Key Learning Points

  • Splitting data by populations was a particularly important method of organizing data. By understanding these populations before writing the questionnaire,  the questionnaire could be tailored so respondents only saw the relevant sections. This was also important after data collection, to fully understand any sections answered by all.  

  • Developing a pilot group to test the questionnaire was useful to help flag any issues or missing questions before it was widely circulated.  

  • It would have been beneficial to be more realistic about risks and delivery milestones from the start of planning. This was a comment raised at WIS when reviewing the project brief, and was subsequently amended. Although it didn't have a significant impact on the project,  and all 'must have' deliverables were met, staff availability during the summer months did at times make the project difficult to plan.  However, the impact was successfully mitigated by the large pool of stakeholders and varied methods of data gathering. 

Outstanding Issues

  • Implement the recommended immediate changes listed in the review report, including updated guidance. (Owner: Rhian)

  • More research could be done into the long term recommendations and how these can be implemented. (Owner: Rhian)

  • There is an opportunity to further understand how WIS processes are perceived by Population 1 (those who do not attend or submit to WIS). (Owner: Rhian) 

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WIS Review
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Amy Harley
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Rhian Davies
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