Closure Report

Project Summary

This project sought to create an easily-understandable toolkit on process mapping and how to do so in Microsoft Visio. The aim was to make this framework as accessible as possible to beginners in project services and across the University, catering specifically to those with no background knowledge of business analysis skills such as process mapping. The SharePoint page for this framework was launched on 29/07/2022, and the toolkit was advertised across multiple University-affiliated social media to raise awareness of the existence of this resource.


This was achieved by: 

  • Creating a framework, consisting of 
    • Blank University of Edinburgh Visio template 
    • Corresponding guidance document with instructions and example process maps 
    • Three Visio templates with scenarios and sample answers 
    • Instructional video launched on MediaHopper 
  • User Acceptance Testing of the framework to ensure suitability for the skill level of users determined in the brief 
  • Creation of SharePoint page to permanently store the resource


The final resource can be found here:

Links to PMO Social Media: 

Analysis of Resource Usage

Staff Usage Estimate: 10.0 days

Staff Usage Actual: 9.8 days

Other Resource Estimate: None

Other Resource Actual: None

Other Resource Variance: N/A


No.   Description                                                                        Priority (MoSCoW)  Objective/Deliverable Met? (Yes / No)   Comments 
Obj1    Display information on using Visio for Process     Mapping in a concise and informative manner   

 Must have

Del 1  Produce Visio template documents                          Must have Yes  
Del 2  Produce Word document how-to guides to   supplement the Visio templates  Must have Yes  
Del 3  Produce instructional videos on navigating Visio to   be released on MediaHopper  Could have Yes  

Obj 2

 Assess success of toolkit before release  Should have Yes  
Del 4  Hold User Acceptance Testing (UAT) with beginner   project managers to assess the framework Should have Yes User Acceptance Testing
Obj 3  Make the toolkit available for University- wide use  Should have Yes  
Del 5  Create a SharePoint page for the toolkit  Should have Yes  
Del 6   Make templates available in Abacus to be used   University-wide  Could have No After correspondence with Apps Enterprise, it was determined that this was an unnecessary step. 
Obj 4  Make release known to University staff and   students  Could have Yes  
Del 7  Devise communication plan to publicise the release   of this material within the University  Could have Yes

Communication plan released on 01/08/2022, consisting of: 

  • Presentation to Project Services
  • Post on PMO Linkedin
  • Post on PMO Instagram
  • Post on PMO Twitter

Key Learning Points

Lessons learned from this project include: 

  • Maintenance of contact with Project Sponsor - a weekly meeting was scheduled on a rolling basis, ensuring time was set aside weekly for consultation with the Sponsor. This was especially useful towards the End of Year, as workload from other responsibilities increased and would have been difficult to schedule in time later.  
  • Consultation with Key Stakeholder - meeting with the Key Stakeholder provided an external view on the progress of the project and its deliverables and a unique insight into aspects of creating content that was not otherwise considered, for example the accessibility of online resources.   
  • Benefits of User Acceptance Testing (UAT) - holding the UAT was a crucial step in this project that allowed the Project Manager to update the resources aligning with the feedback of the testers. A fresh perspective on the resources allowed an objective assessment of the framework and gave direction for improvements to the framework before its delivery.


Outstanding Issues

There are no outstanding issues of note. 


Project Info

Process Mapping Framework
Project Management Office (PMO)
Project Manager
Sophie Ingram-Johnson
Project Sponsor
Dawn Holmes
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