This project will re-develop the online travel/transit/vehicle insurance forms and support admin functions and host them on corporate infrastructure.

These online forms are used by staff & students across the University  to apply for insurance cover for travel, car and transit. The information is collated by the Insurance Department in Finance for reporting to the University's insurance suppliers and for responding to information requests from Schools and Freedom of Information (FOI) requests.

The forms were originally developed internally within Finance but their staff are no longer in a position to support or enhance them.

In order to provide ongoing support , to address needs for change, and to provide adequate reporting facilities, the online forms will be redeveloped into a more supportable development language (Coldfusion 10) and be moved onto supported virtual infrastructure.

Benefits of delivering this project will be: -

  • The Insurance Department will be able to respond to information requests more quickly and accurately, particularly in the event of an incident
  • The user experience for staff and students will be enhanced by the ability to correct/change their insurance requirements without the need for duplication.
  • Improved data security and archiving in line with University policy
  • The application will be in a supported development language and on supported infrastructure
  • The application will become part of the supported suite of Finance systems so can be more easily recovered in the case of an outage/disaster

Current project status

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January 2016 BLUE 0.0 days 0.0 days 0.0

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Insurance application re-development
Z. Payroll and Pensions (PPP) (closed)
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Sally Hayward
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Terry Fox
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