This project’s main aim is to provide a more flexible and manageable way to create and adapt templates in PSO. The changes to PSO’s template software are required to enable Printing Services to alter and create templates to suit changing corporate and visual identity (C&VI) needs and enable improved user experience by showing additional logos and branding where applicable. With the merger of ECA and Roslin this requirement has become necessary. Whilst these changes are essential for the University’s printed stationery, it is also desirable to be able to make this possible for other corporate stationery.

It is also desired that PSO can be accessed directly rather than through eITs as is the current arrangement. This will provide a more simple method of placing an order through PSO but the need to have the finances processed through eITs will remain. The front end user interface of PSO will therefore require changes.

Printing Services would also like the option to extend access to PSO to allow external customers and students to place orders.  This will require integration with the University’s on-line card payments system to provide payment facilities.


The Terms of Reference for this project were approved on the basis they will be resubmitted following analysis. The Business Analysis for this project is in progress.


N.B. this project was started before the move to the new projects website, so documentation is only shown from 6th August 2012.   Documentation prior to this can be found on the old site at

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