Project Meeting 6 - 13-Feb-14

Project Meeting 6 - 13-Feb-14

Attendees: Craig, Anne F, Jeff B,  Ewan, Anne M, Tim and Nikki CC: Sigita R, Heather


 After today's meeting I have updated the Completion report and Milestone completion

                51 days are likely to be the resulting Actual Effort

However Craig,

I haven't put in that you want to clarify

                1              Craig you want to clarify with SciQuest some points left over from the training Webinar and  from the previous project that have not been followed up. They were not  deemed essential for either project's completion, but you were expecting some feedback from them - and you also said you did not want Closure stopped because of it as they were not part of the Project's scope.

                2              You also mentioned that users have to set up spendirector (?) punchout with UUN to be ready for test (?).


Completion Report:


DSOR and Closure Milestone: