This project seeks to expand reuse at the University through maintaining and promoting Warp-it reuse portal and expanding the waste streams for reuse.


Within the University of Edinburgh, furniture is reused as standard through the Estates Department, managed separately from other waste streams. The University purchased access to Warp-it for 3 years at £2,000 for the first year, £2,200 and £2,500 for subsequent years, which is funded by Waste and is ongoing. Our individual portal is located at Oversight and management of the portal takes place within the Department for Social Responsibility & Sustainability, with advice from Waste on streams appropriate for reuse. To date July 2017, reuse through Warp-it has saved the University an indicative £270,000, 278tCO2e and avoided 22,500kg of waste.


This project refers to reuse tracked through the Warp-it portal. We are aware that other reuse happens within the University and with external partners which Waste hold responsibility for tracking and ensuring compliance around. In terms of regulatory compliance, Waste retain responsibility and authority for this, so the Department for Social Responsibility & Sustainability will follow guidance fully on this.


  • Increase the number of Warp-it users to 1000 and save an indicative cumulative £500,000 by 2020
  • Embed PC desktop reuse internal and external to the University in collaboration with relevant stakeholders in 17/18
  • Embed process and expand reuse of Labs equipment and goods in 17/18 ensuring this data is captured through Warp-it
  • Evaluate and prioritise further commodities for reuse in 18/19 and 19/20, including exploring further opportunities around furniture


  • Cash and carbon savings for the University in line with the Climate Strategy
  • Effective reuse process supported through use of Warp-it portal
  • Expanded routes to reuse for different commodities, prioritising IT and Lab reuse, and exploring further streams, including furniture in preparation for 2018/19

Success Criteria

  • Increased reuse with related cash and carbon savings to the University measured through Warp-it, verifying data where possible
  • Increased reuse opportunities across commodities working with relevant partners internal and external to the University

Resources, Skills and Costs

  • Engagement Manager staff time for overall programme management and engagement with relevant Estates colleagues
  • SRS Projects Coordinator time for oversight and management of Warp-it, research and development of reuse opportunities based on issues identified within the University
  • Communications team time for advising on communications around Warp-it and reuse
  • Waste team advice on reuse opportunities and compliance with policy

Project Stakeholders

  • Estates Waste – Medium interest/high influence – This work will be reflected in Estates partnership and meetings to review between Head of SRS Programmes and Waste Manager
  • Wider staff and postgraduate community – Varied interest/low influence – Build interest and encourage to join Warp-it to reuse equipment




Develop Labs reuse process and engage with relevant University staff to put into practice

Embed by end of 17/18

Monitor reuse tracked through Warp-it and track against targets

Cumulative savings of £325,000 by 17/18 (£400,000 by 18/19, £500,000 by 19/20). Report on this quarterly.

Work with stakeholders to embed PC desktop and other IT reuse process 17/18

Relaunch project as embedded operation at start of 18/19

Engage with Waste to understand priorities around reuse

Timeline dependent on production of Waste Strategy

Work with internal and external stakeholders to develop routes for reuse of commodities as they are prioritised

Ongoing. Review for one commodity to prioritise annually. Identify key priority for 18/19 by Q4 17/18 (likely furniture)

Current project status

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August 2020 AMBER 0.0 days 0.0 days 0.0

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REF2 Expanding Reuse at University of Edinburgh
SRS - Resource Efficiency (REF) and Circular Economy
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Alan Peddie
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Michelle Brown
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