Work undertaken by the SRS Comms team to encourage waste reduction behaviours on campus under the banner #ZeroWasteUoE.

This delivers on several aspects in the University Waste Strategy 2018/19 - 2022/23 and forthcoming SRS Plan and SRS Department strategy.

Project objectives:

  1. Establish resource efficiency as part of the culture of at the University of Edinburgh
  • Explain what resource efficiency means and why it’s important to be resource efficient
  • Communicate key areas of resource inefficiency at the University and how this could be improved
  • Explain what the University is doing to become more resource efficient, including:
    • Circular economy vision
    • Waste free vision
    • Striving to be disposable plastic free by 2030
  • Provide clear advice on how staff and students can be resource efficient on campus


  1. Suggest practical ways the University community can reduce and prevent waste
  • Both waste produced as a direct result of University activities and as an indirect result
  • Educate entire University community on what resource efficiency means, what the circular economy is, and why both are important for the long-term sustainability of society
  • Use existing networks, such as Sustainability Awards teams, Waste Coordinators, etc.


  1. Increase the use of reusable items and services at the University
  • Make reusable hot drink containers, reusable water bottles and reusable food contains the norm
  • Increase awareness and use of WarpIt
  • Increase awareness and use of PC Reuse project
  • Increase reuse and improve recycling in labs
  • End of term accommodation clear-out
  • [other reuse projects]
  • Measured by increased use of these items and services; increased purchasing of reusable items; reduction in purchasing of disposable items; increase in waste avoided; increased supply of items to community partners.


  1. Inform the entire University community how to recycle correctly on campus
  • Clarify what can and can’t be recycled on campus
  • Measured by a decrease in recycling contamination[1]
  • Include guidance to festival tenants through Kerry Cheek’s work with Festivals Office
  • Ensure all mentions of redundant “” app are taken off the University website



Related University-wide or department objectives:

(To be updated after SRS Plan and SRS Department Strategy are refreshed)

  • Vision to be a zero waste University by 2030
  • Strive for single-use plastic free by 2030
  • Support reuse initiatives & items, such as reusable cups and bottles
  • Explain how to recycle correctly
  • Communicate what circular economy is, what the University is doing, and how staff and students can take part
  • Communicate how to reuse: IT equipment, WarpIt, Furniture, etc

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5.1 Waste Reduction Communications
SRS - Resource Efficiency (REF) and Circular Economy
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Michelle Brown
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