Meeting re. conflicting extract runs on Test vs Beta - 13-Feb-2013

Present:  Pascal Mayne, Pride Shoniwa, Defeng Ma, Clive Davenhall, Jill Nicoll


Since last week's deployment to Test of the updated eFin extract to PURE, there have been periodic crashes of the Test extract process.  This occurs only for the automatic, scheduled extract process.  When the extract is run manually, it does not crash. 


Pascal has investigated, and reported that the crashes occur because, when run automatically, the extract packages for Beta and Test are

  • on the same database server
  • in different schemas
  • using the same user name

When run manually, they use different user names, and so the crash does not occur.  

Proposed solution:

Relocate the Beta schema on to the Test database

Interim work-around:

Switch off the automatic extracts in one of the two environments.

Coordinate manual refreshes in both environments, to prevent conflicts.


Pride and Pascal to discuss proposed solution with Iain Fiddes.

Clive to test his current code changes in Beta, write up implementation plan, and ask Pascal to deploy to Test

Pascal to deploy Clive's changes to Test

Defeng to assign Clive to requested Asta task, when Asta becomes available