Non-R codes - Test Implementation meeting - 04-Feb-2013

Present:  Defeng Ma, Clive Davenhall, Pride Shoniwa, Pascal Mayne, Jill Nicoll

1.  Test Issues

When the Test PURE system was re-pointed to the new eFin database for FIN083, it was discovered that the eFin extract to PUREINT had been broken since last August. 

SInce the timing for FIN083 coincides with the current batch of eFin extract changes for RES037, Defeng has chosen to publish the latest eFin extract from Beta to Test, rather than copying the current Live eFin extract to Test.  Defeng confirmed that the eFin extract code has been fully peer and regression tested in the Beta environment.  He is confident that there is no risk of any unexpected changes slipping though to Live, due to this course of action.

2.  Review of  Draft Implementation Plan

The two steps 2 in section 3 - switching off and then on the sync from PUREINT to PURE - will be performed by Config in Test and by Apps Mgt in Live.

The order of PL/SQL packages in step 8 of section 6 needs to be revised.

Clive will update the Implementation Plan with both the above changes, and reissue it to Pride and Pascal this afternoon.

Pride and Pascal will review the Implementation Plan with Iain and then proceed with the implementation.

3.  Firewall check

Pride will check the current firewall rules, to confirm whether the eFin extract will be able to access new eFin.  Clive to send Pride a list of the required db links.  Pride will request any required firewall changes.  (If this is needed, then it will result in a delay to the implementation.)