RES037 Non-R JIRA Review

Approval was given by Manya to apply the Non-R Code extract to live on the following conditions:

  • Once the extract has been applied to live, a 2-3 week period will be in place where we will monitor the data in live.
  • Should any issues arise in this period, the Project Team will be responsible for addressing any fixes.
  • Adam/Jill will ensure Clive is booked to address any feedback.
  • Manya will arrange for the College Accountants to check the Non R Codes during the 3 weeks.
  • A 'tidy-up' project will be created to deal with the JIRA calls that have been marked for future enhancements.  Adam to arrange.


Defeng has updated the following JIRA calls:



  1. Adam/Jill to arrange the date for go live (after eFin upgrade which is taking place w/c 18 Feb)
  2. Adam to arrange sign-off meeting with Apps Mgt, Config Team, Dev Tech and GaSP prior to go live.
  3. Clive to create system description documentation (example needed).
  4. Defeng / Clive to update Gabby's Non-R documentation, then pass to Manya.