TAD and DR progress review - 28-Jan-2013

Present:  Jill Nicoll, Peter Jackson

Apologies:  Clive Davenhall


1.  TAD updates

Peter needs to talk to Clive about what's required.  Separate meeting scheduled for Peter and Clive Wednesday.

30-Jan-2013 update:  Clive has sent Peter a list of suggested TAD changes.

2.  App Tier DR Config

Peter reported that the scipt for this is almost running on Test.

3.  DR Procedure updates

Peter needs to talk to Mark Lang about this.  He understands that a previous DR test attempt failed because some directories from the application server need to be added to the DR test of the PURE server. 

4.  DR Testing

Since the previous DR test failed, Peter advised that a plan should be put in place to repeat the test, once he has completed the procedure updates and config. 

  • Est for DevTech effort = 2-2-4. 
  • Tech Mgt will also have to be involved. 
  • Peter doesn't think that the UNIX team will be needed. 

NB:  Peter is on leave from 8th Feb for 2 weeks.