Non-R-codes: Requirement clarification meeting - 16-Jan-2013

Present:  Manya Buchan, James Toon, Clive Davenhall, Defeng Ma, Jill Nicoll

Meeting note:

1.  Jira RES037-254 - Actual End Dates

For Non-R codes:

  • the start date is the first day of the first month for which any activity has been posted
  • the end date is the date on which the postable flag is set to "N"
  • after being set to "N", it is possible that the postable flag may be re-set to "Y" to allow a late post; it would then be set back to "N".  If this occurred, then Manya would like the date of the most recent "N" setting to ba passed to PURE.

However, there is no date field on the Finance record that records the date on which the postable flag is set to "N".

The End Date is not a required field for non-R codes.

It was therefore agreed that no further effort would be spent in trying to set this field.  Instead, Clive will comment out the code that is already in place for non-R code End Date, to ensure that no values are passed to PURE for it.

 2.  Jira RES037-241 - Title

For Non-R codes:

  • ONLY the Title field from PowerPad should be considered
  • If this field is null, then
    • do not extract the record to PURE
    • do load the record to an exception report

GaSP will then contact the schools/colleges, to urge them to populate the correct Title field.

Note on testing:  New records, which have not previously been extracted to PURE, will have to be created to test this.

3.  Jira RES037-259 - Funding with no associated project

Clive to investigate and feed back findings

4.  New tasks:

There was some discussion about how best to handle "orphaned" funding records - i.e. those with no matching project record.

4.1  Manya to raise a Jira to herself, to consider whether to ask for "orphaned" funding records to be excluded from the extract.

Manya indicated that the existing Exception Reports are not acceptable, and so have not been signed off.

4.2  Jill to raise a high level / "parent" Jira record for Exception Reports.  (done - RES037-273)

4.3  Jill to raise an Exception Reports "child" Jira to Clive, to provide a report on "orphaned" funding records, and also a summary report of how many of these were passed to PURE.  (done - RES037-274)

James raised the issue of new users who do not yet have an email address.  The preference is to load a generic, PURE (rather than personal) email address for these users, until a valid email address becomes available.

4.4  James to raise a Jira to Clive, to specify the generic email address to be applied. 

(This will have lower priority than the Non-R code work.)


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