This project will integrate the new Worktribe Research Management system with the University Research Output system PURE. The new Worktribe system will be delivered as a cloud based solution. The new Worktribe solution will replace current business processes and systems for managing research grants including InfoEd and Infinite.

This project will replace the existing Finance to PURE interface delivering new direct integration components between Worktribe and PURE. Currently the business process is:

  1. Once an award has been made and set up in Finance a feed of award information and budget details are sent to PURE
  2. Users , including academics and Principal Investigators (PIs)  can then view award information and budget details in PURE

The current feed takes the Project details and budget that are initially imported from Infinite into eFIN.

The new business process under Worktribe will be:

  1. Once a grant has been awarded and set up in Worktribe a feed of award information will be sent to PURE (No expenditure details be held in PURE as Worktribe is the gold copy source of Research budget & eFIn is the golden copy of the Research  expenditure information)
  2. All budget and expenditure information can be viewed by Academics in Worktribe 

Worktribe will provide a cleaner set of data to PURE with accurate names and awards will be consistently and correctly attributed to Schools/Research Units.

Some of the data collected from eFIn including REF% split for projects is manually keyed into eFIN.

PURE & Worktribe will have the same Funder Categories and Hierarchy to making reporting across the two systems consistent


Prior to this project - PURE also has to be upgraded to the latest Project schema , as the development work that has already started has been based on the new project schema.

This upgrade to the new project schema , includes a data migration from the old schema to the new schema - which is provided by Atira as part of the upgrade to the new schema


Current Status: Project Suspended until Jan 2017



Current project status

Report Date RAG Budget Effort Completed Effort to complete
May 2017 BLUE 178.0 days 78.0 days 100.0

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RMAS Worktribe - PURE Integration
Research Information Systems (RIS)
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Karen Stirling
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Dominic Tate
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