The PURE system is The University of Edinburgh's Repository for Research outputs and the CRIS (current  research information system)  designed for use by researchers, administrators, and managers across the University, and for visitors and collaborators across the research  community .  The PURE system has been in use at The University of Edinburgh since summer 2011.

Funders are now enforcing that all research outputs, including the research outputs of Post-Graduate Research students, should be made publicly available.

To support this, this project seeks first to provide an overnight feed, from the Student System into PURE, of current Post-Graduate Research students and their current Supervisors;  and then to provide functionality, within PURE, to enable the Post-Graduate Research students to edit their own Research profiles.

Phase 1 - new overnight feed of PGR data from Student Systems to PURE was delivered in Nov 2016

This delivered the basic PGR feed in time for the Research Fish statutory return to RCUK research councils.

Phase 2 - scheduled for delivery in early June 2017 -  will tidy up the data validations and exceptions , so that the data quality is improved. Currently the basic feed delivered in Phase 1 does not cope with some exceptions so that some leavers are not marked as 'former' and still look to be current PGR students, also the feed does not cope where supervisors leave and then return during the study period of a PGR student. The last step in Phase 2 would be to switch on self-service updates for PGR students - this is a larger step as it requires support to be available in school research or teaching offices to support all these new PGR student users. The business may choose to not switch on PGR student self-service as part of RES060. 



Current project status

Report Date RAG Budget Effort Completed Effort to complete
September 2017 BLUE 227.0 days 0.0 days 0.0

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PGR Feed to PURE
Research Information Systems (RIS)
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Kevin Brennan
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Dominic Tate
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