Business Requirements

Functional Requirements

PURE continues to function as normal on Oracle 12c platform

  • The PURE open repositry of Research Outputs continues to be available
  • The PURE webservices which drive Staff profiles on School websites and the corporate UWP website continue to be available
  • The PURE interfaces continue to run overnight with no new failues and without a performance degradation -  Person  Synch ( IDM /  PGR ) , VRS direct DB link, Project Synch, Org Hierarchy Synch
  • PURE continues to be available to facilitate the collation of data with research collaboration partners (e.g. pooling), facilitating management and preparations for external research assessment
  • PURE continues to be available to enable management oversight of research activity data , and so facilitate accurate statutory returns to bodies such as SFC and HESA, and to contribute to exercises such as the Research Excellence Framework (REF)


Non-Functional Requirements

Migration to Oracle 12c is undertaken with minimal impact to the production service. 

The upgrade will cover the PURE schema and PUREINT schema in DEV, TEST and LIVE. There must be successful sign-off in DEV before the upgrade can progress to TEST, and completion of AUT testing in TEST before the upgrade can be deployed to LIVE

IS will will carry out some initial testing in DEV ( e.g.integration testing of interfaces) prior to handing over to the Business for full system testing, regression testing and UAT in TEST

IS will perform technology upgrades and will support the business testing.  

If further major PURE versions are released while the project is in progress, these will be held until deployed to LIVE.  Future upgrades will then be completed through the usual support arrangements.

Assume that there is no software development required.  The only resource required will be from Development Technology and Production Management. It is recognised that there may be some 2nd Line resource required from the Software Development Team.( in event of new interface errors which Production management can't fix on their own)

Technical input from Atira will be required , technical documentation and consultancy and  resources will need to be booked in advance to support key stages of the project work.  James Toon is the channel for all comms with Atira / Elsevier.


Background Tasks

The following background tasks have been identified as those able to be completed prior to engaging EXECUTION Phase based on our decision point milestones and contraints.

  • Update TAD/Investigate CMDB entry
  • Build record 12c migration/Update migration including interface steps
  • Environment - associated firewalls/Create accounts
  • Establish Performance Testing Baseline
  • Decomiissioning - Tasks to decommissiong 11g
  • Reformat the TAD to new version including DR instructions

Project Info

PURE Upgrade to Oracle 12c
Research Information Systems (RIS)
Management Office
Project Manager
Chris Konczak
Project Sponsor
Dominic Tate
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