Project journal

Title Description Author Post date
Project restart agreed

It has been agreed for RES062 project to restart from 12th May 2017 and a PM has been assigned

Karen Stirling 07-Jun-2017
WIS Submission to continue with suspension: 28/09 Nikki Hackett Reed 28-Sep-2016
WIS submission to suspend project Nikki Hackett Reed 28-Jul-2016
Implement V5.6 +/- patch before migrating PURE to 12c

Nikki Hackett Reed

James Toon

The purpose of this meeting is to catch up on the timings of RES062 due to concerns that we may be in a position where we are unable to upgrade PURE to versions that we need for operational purposes and review the various dependencies so we can see if the option to upgrade post RES060 but before transition to Oracle 12c is do-able.

Nikki Hackett Reed 04-Jul-2016
Decision Point meeting

The purpose of this meeting was to review the current status of the dependency decision points with regard to moving into System Design phase

Nikki Hackett Reed 23-Jun-2016
BRD issued for review and sign off 16/06/16

Attached for your review and sign off is the RES062: PURE upgrade to Oracle 12c: Business Requirements Document.


Please take the time to provide any feedback/comments and/or sign off no later than COB 22nd June.

Nikki Hackett Reed 16-Jun-2016
RES062: Establish background tasks 02/06/16

The prupose of this meeting is to establish those taska that can be undertaken in the background whilst waiting for our dependancies to complete.

Nikki Hackett Reed 07-Jun-2016
Project Brief submitted to WIS 27/05

Approved on the following basis


  1. The risks are incomplete - the dependencies in the brief should also be represented as risks
  2. WiS requested changes to the wording in the 'Objective' to make it clearer what is being upgraded
  3. WiS requested changes to the success criteria to be more in line with the deliverables and to define what 'minimal impact' would be
  4. Deliverables should include decommissioning of the old database
Nikki Hackett Reed 30-May-2016
Project Brief Review 16/05/16

The purpose of this meeting is to discuss the draft Project Brief to establish any gaps and/or challenges around delivery prior to entering Business Requirement stage, agree timelines and resource availability.


For your convenience I have attached a link. Please take 10 mins prior to the meeting to review.

Nikki Hackett Reed 11-May-2016
Kick Off Meeting - 28/04/16


Nikki Hackett Reed

Jamie Thin

James Toon

Nikki Hackett Reed 04-May-2016
Project Brief Overview - 13/04/16 Mark Lang

The purpose of this meeting was to meet with Mark to make first contact and introductions.  Also to discuss and understand the challenges around the project deliverable/scope.

Nikki Hackett Reed 13-Apr-2016
Project Brief Overview - 11/04/16 Jamie Thin


Nikki Hackett Reed

Jamie Thin

Nikki Hackett Reed 04-May-2016
Project Brief Overview 07/04/16 Jill Nicoll


Nikki Hackett Reed

Jill Nicoll


  • Discuss with Production Support/Apps Management re coordination of back log updates
  • Locate the last oracle upgrade project and/or PM’s
  • Guidelines for R&R/Comms Plan
  • Arrange a meeting with James Toon & Suran regarding any outstanding upgrades to PURE and when we draw the line on further upgrades during the delivery of the project
  • Organise a kick off meeting w/c 18/04
Nikki Hackett Reed 04-May-2016
WIS Sign Off

WIS sign off 15/04/16

Nikki Hackett Reed 18-Apr-2016