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Pure upgrade to 5.13.4 and Tomcat upgrade

Pure upgrade to version 5.13.4 together with Tomcat to latest version has been successfully deployed on 8th Aug 2019

Karen Stirling 09-Aug-2019
GoCAB need confirmation when Test completes on both 5.13 and 5.15

Change C1907-017 - - RIS007 - Pure v5.13 Upgrade on Live

GoCAB ( require confirmation 5.13 Test is complete with all data checks before 6 August to approve outage on 8 August for 5.13 Live. The same for 5.15 before 31 October. See actions for both Live milestones (5.14 upgrades assumed not proceeding at time of writing (9 July 2019)).

Ian Mitchell 09-Jul-2019