Priority and Funding

This is a Compliance project

Core funded - 3 Year Planning estimated this project as 30 days

This is a key project within the RIS programme and should be considered a 'Highest' priority project


Impact and Dependencies

The upgrade to v2020.7  will move us to the most recent release of Worktribe.

People and Money (P&M) will be continue progressing during the time of our project, so a risk has been raised to ensure that we can both progress alongside each other.  This may impact resource availability should there be any dependencies / expectations on the RIS Team 

P&M are using the DEV environment for development work which will be upgraded as part of this project. 

Although it has not been confirmed yet, there is a high likelihood P&M will be using all 3 environments (DEV, TEST and LIVE).


Lessons learned from previous projects

From the  ASTA Project Request (Combined) form

  • Management of Project
  • Resourcing
  • Support

From the RIS015 closure report:

The time taken for Worktribe to carry out the upgrade was longer than expected.  It had taken 4 hours to upgrade TEST and it was expected that LIVE would take up to 5 hours.  In reality the live upgrade took 7 hours.  During this time there was no communication from Worktribe to inform us as to the state of the upgrade and whether the overrun was due to a problem or just that it was taking longer than expected.  This has been raised with Worktribe.

  • However RIS015 completed 2 upgrades and so had more to deal with.

There was an initial issue with the BI extract as we only receive a partial dump of data.  It is assumed that this was a result of the upgrade taking so long that it impacted the Worktribe extract.  The extract ran without problems the following evening and was signed off after review.

  • During installation check that the BI extract fully completes. If it does not then verify the following evening to ensure it is resolved.  

The Dev Ops team at Worktribe installed the most up to date stable release during the upgrade rather than the actual version of Worktribe that we had tested.  In this case the difference was minimal between the expected version v2020.1.217 and the version that was actually installed v2020.1.231.  The difference this time was a single batch of patch updates that would have been rolled into live in a weeks time. 

  • However it is best to ensure that the correct, tested version is installed in LIVE. 


Project Risks

(Please copy and paste from Risk Log)

Ref Title Initial Risk Current Risk Status Management Approach Risk Owner Date of Last Review
1 Worktribe resource availability GREEN GREEN Open Retain Damon Querry  29-Sep-2020
2 Availability of UAT staff GREEN GREEN Open Retain Damon Querry 29-Sep-2020
3 People and Money carrying out project work during RIS017  GREEN AMBER Open Retain Emma Mcnab 29-Sep-2020
4 Covid-19 and enforced home working delays progress AMBER AMBER Open Retain Dominic Tate 29-Sep-2020
5 Availability of Applications Support GREEN GREEN Open Retain Anne Graham 29-Sep-2020
6 Availability of RIS staff GREEN GREEN Open Retain Dominic Tate 29-Sep-2020



Project Info

Worktribe Upgrade v2020.7
Research Information Systems (RIS)
Management Office
Project Manager
Anne Mathison
Project Sponsor
Dominic Tate
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