Priority and Funding

This is a high priority project.

Funding comes from the ITI Road Map.


Impact and Dependencies



Previous Lessons Learned

Previous projects have suffered from ambiguous scope and deliverables. This project must be clear - via this project brief.



Service Excellence - Information and Security

Are we using standard builds for the project (that is, pre-validated security controls will be in place for infrastructure and data)?  NO Or Do we anticipate having to develop non-standard infrastructure? Will we have third party integrations on installations? Are we dealing with data outwith our standard set of controls?

YES If so, What level of risk is associated with the data? What are the appropriate controls?

  • The project must outline how it is dealing with risk, how the need to design/build/test impacts on project scope, budget and timeline.
  • Confirm which university or divisional polices are providing guidance here.
  • Set Security design, execution and acceptance as a Deliverable
  • Create a Security Milestone for Design, Build and Acceptance that must be signed-off by Project Manager and Section Head.
  • Create any specific risks around security



Service Excellence - Process Improvement, efficiency, quality and best practise (Social Responsibility and and Sustainability)

Not Applicable.





IS Change Programme - How will the execution of this project promote the Themes

Indicate if theproject itself (during plan, execution, implementation) contribute to the themes with the IS Change Programme.

IS Change Programme ThemeHow the project process will contribute to change
Project Managementthis project is further rolling out project methdology within ITI
Working Together 
Standards and Technical Leadershipnew standards for university's own Cloud service
Staff Learning and Developmentyes, new skills to take on the Cloud service
Service Based Culture

Are we helping the service to shift-left?

For services impacted by the change we are delivering : check the Service Catalogue (due for 2016/17) for Service Owner and Service Operations Manager. Confirm with them who should be stakeholders on the project. Also check with head of IS Helpline. Confirm at what stages if the project SO/SOM want represenation and sign-off - especially around Design and UAT and Delivery.  Do we need a Handover? Add Stakeholders to these Milestones.

Is there a CMDB to update to reflect changes?


Yes, we are devolving researchers the capacity to create new environments for analytical purposes. We are developing a new service that will require entry to the Service Catalogue.



Equality and Diversity

Planning Discuss the Project Board and key stakeholders with your Sponsor - does it reflect diversity.

Be aware of particular periods or dates that may conflict with religious or social or domestic  obligations.

Design Are we designing a User Interface?  Please explicitly ensure that the Design of the UI has been checked for promotion of Equality and Diversity. Add to the Milestone or Create a separate Milestone for Design and QA. e.g.  use 'Mx' in the Honorifics section. Are we naming Hardware? Consider a naming convention to highlight or promote Equality and Diversity. Are we designing with best practise in Usability and Accessibility?


Quality Assurance Ensure that appropriate authority is signing off on aspects of Equality and Diversity. Add to the Milestone or create a separate Milsetone for Acceptance Sign-Off.


Potentially, we can consider equality and diversity in the name of our new service.



Flexible Resourcinghave we considered contract staff, resourcing students and interims Yes, we have engaged consultants and contractors to deliver the solution
Communication and BrandingTBC - but this is a new service so to be reviewed


Project Info

New Service for Data Science
ITI - Research Services (RSS)
Management Office
Project Manager
Maurice Franceschi
Project Sponsor
Anthony Weir
Current Stage
Start Date
Planning Date
Delivery Date
Close Date
Programme Priority