This project brief has prompts and tips for many of the sections. Please remove/edit these as they are there to help authors in writing the document and for project teams to consider but not suitable for the final version of the brief.  


Changes to Scope will be logged on the PICCL and also recorded on the Project Scope Change page.


Out of Scope

Any significant work we need to explicitly state we are not doing (that some stakeholders may assume or expect that we will).


Objectives and Deliverables

Summarise - What we are aiming to do and deliver, by when.

What are we aiming to ultimately deliver that will be key to the measure of the success of this project - but potentially any significant other things along the way (that may outlive the project).

Ideally we set these as MoSCoW:

MUST - we would see the project as failing totally or partially if these are not achieved

SHOULD - we have a high expectation that these will be doable with planned work and budget - but if necessary these can be descoped

COULD - if all goes very well, these might be possible

WON'T - we want to be explict about certain things that people might expect us to deliver but we want to be clear we won't deliver

Key Milestones for this deliverable- if known, any hard dates and highly desirable dates


Objective 1 Description of the Objective Description of the Deliverables needed to achieve the objective MoSCoW Key Milestones
Deliverable D1.1      

Deliverable D1.2

Deliverable D1.3      
Objective 2 Description of the Objective      
Deliverable D2.1      
Deliverable D2.2      
Objective 3 Description of the Objective      

Deliverable D3.1

Deliverable D3.2      
Objective 4 Description of the Objective      
Deliverable D4.1      
Objective 5 Description of the Objective      
Deliverable D5.1      
Deliverable D5.2      

This table can be used through Business and Technical Analysis, Design, Build, and Testing/UAT as a Traceability Matrix to ensure the project brief project objectives and deliverables are followed through.




Benefits management and realisation will be available on the ITI Sharepoint space.

The benefits that the deliverables will enable or act as a catalyst in making happen. These benefits may be immediate or may be realised after the project has closed.


Success Criteria

Driven by the Deliverables and Objectives. Do we have objective measures that we can point to to say the project has been a success (typically we said we would deliver X and we have).


Alignment with Strategic Vision  

This project will deliver benefits, change and innovations in alignment with the IS Strategic Vision and the University's Strategic Vision for 2025. ** Check the Annual Plan on ITI Sharepoint to see how the project's deliverables and benefits have been aligned to Run/Grow/Transform and the Strategic Themes **  

Run / Grow / Transform

Which activity does the project contrinute to? The project could be one or more of R/G/T.

IS Strategic Vision the main elements of the vision that this projects contibutes to are highlighted in bold.

Student Experience

Student experience and the unique Edinburgh offer  
Online and distance learning leaders  
Library national and international leadership  

Research and Innovation

Research IT and Data Sciences  
Collaborative leadership  and social responsibility  

Service Excellence

Process improvement, efficiency, quality and best practice  
Long‐term IS strategic planning and linked professional services  
Information Security  


University's Strategic Vision for 2025 the main elements of the vision that this projects contibutes to are highlighted in bold.

A unique Edinburgh offer for all of our students Commentary
• all of our undergraduates developed as student/ researchers with clear, supported pathways through to Masters and PhD  
• all our students offered the opportunity to draw from deep expertise outside their core discipline  
• a highly satisfied student body with a strong sense of community.  
Strong and vibrant communities within and beyond the University – making the most of our unique offer of world-leading thinking and learning within one of the world’s most attractive cities  
A larger, more international,staff who feel valued and supported in a University that is a great and collegial place to work, develop and progress  
More postgraduate students – underpinned by the best support in the sector to ensure we attract the brightest and best regardless of ability to pay  
A strong culture of philanthropic support focussed especially on our students and on outstanding research capabilities.  
Many more students benefiting from the Edinburgh experience (largely or entirely) in their own country – supported by deep international partnerships and world- leading online distance learning  
Sustained world leading reputation for the breadth, depth and interdisciplinarity of our research supported by strong growth in research funding and strong international partnerships – drawing from well-established and less well developed sources


An estate that matches expectations, responds flexibly to changing student and staff needs, and showcases the University



A deeper and earlier collaboration with industry, the public sector and the third sector – in terms of research; knowledge exchange; and in giving our students the best possible set of skills for their future




Digitial Transformation Commentary
Describe how the changes this project delivers will contribute to the digitial transformation of the Service                               



IS Change Programme - How will this project's Deliverables and Benefits promote the Themes  

Indicate if the project deliverables and benefits contribute to the themes with the IS Change Programme.

IS Change Programme Theme How the project deliverables and benefits contributes to change
Project Management  
Working Together  
Standards and Technical Leadership  
Staff Learning and Development  
Service Based Culture  
Equality and Diversity  
Flexible Resourcing  
Communication and Branding  

Project Info

Research computing infrastructure expansion
ITI - Research Services (RSS)
Management Office
Project Manager
Andy Todd
Project Sponsor
David Fergusson
Current Stage
Start Date
Planning Date
Delivery Date
Close Date
Programme Priority
Overall Priority