As part of the Data Safe Haven project. It was agreed that backup infrastructure would be required in a alternative site to primary Data Safe Haven server site, the ACF at the Easter Bush Campus. It was agreed that the new Backup Infrastructure would be located at JCMB data Centre at the Kings Buildings Campus. Additionally, as part of this deliverable we would expand the capability of the existing TS3500 at the ACF by adding two additional expansion tape racks. This is complete.


Update (2018 Budget).

An additional Tape Rack extension and 4 tape drives were purchased and installed. This was complete April 2018.


Update (June 2018).  - 2 New Extentions.

  • Further budget was identified and it was decided to add an additional two extension racks onto the TS4500 at JCMB before the equipment is caged, which will happen next financial year.


TSM Upgrade.

  • There is also an outstanding piece of work required to Upgrade the Tivoli (TSM)  Libraries. This will be carried out in August and September, depending on the change freeze.

The current task list for this is as follows;

Phase 1

- Shutdown existing tsm

- repatch existing tsm into new storage fabric*

- repatch tape library into new storage fabric*

- Confirm and / or repatch admin09 networking as necessary

- TBC - zone tapes from library into all hosts - Configure tape drives on all hosts

- Configure library manager

- point all hosts including existing tsm to library manager

- make sure network connectivity

- bring up existing tsm in the infrastructure and cross fingers

Phase 2

- New plan to start splitting data up in existing instance across the multiple new machines in the new architecture.

This is very high level and the plan will be refined and reviewed over the next few weeks.



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July 2019 BLUE 0.0 days 0.0 days 0.0

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Backup Infrastructure Upgrade
ITI - Research Services (RSS)
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Andy Todd
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David Fergusson
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