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Project Summary

Embedding digital research services at the University of Edinburgh. The goal, first and foremost, is to improve the discoverability, access and visibility of digital research services to the researchers at the University of Edinburgh. Co-design sessions with service providers, alongside contextual interviews with researchers, will guide the project in identifying ways to provide and improve access to research data services.

Ultimately, to meet researchers’ needs (identified through interviews, focus groups, surveys, usability testing and an ongoing communications and interactions with service providers  and researchers during training/drop-in clinics) to create a service that will be used frequently and recommended favourably. We believe the more our users (researchers and service providers) get involved in the service provision from the early stages, the more likely the service becomes of evoking ownership and will lead to an increased loyalty and long-term engagement.




  1. Improved discoverability, awareness and usage of digital research services at the University of Edinburgh.
  2. Improved the overall experience of academics conducting (and collaborating on) research at the University of Edinburgh through the provision of easily accessible and integrated set of comprehensive digital research services in partnership with EPCC, Edina, DCC, School IT and national services.

Benefits management and realisation will be available on the ITI Sharepoint space.


All Objectives achieved

Objective 1 To improve the visibility of digital research services at the University  Success Criteria
   Deliverable D1.1 Develop a website to offer an easy access to a range of services offered by the University and its partner institutions  

   Deliverable D1.2

Recruit a network of research champions to promote digital research services  
   Deliverable D1.3 

Produce a service catalogue


Objective 2 To set out a continuous plan and goals for improving the discoverability of digital research services  
   Deliverable D2.1 Produce an Engagement Strategy - to be reviewed every 2-3 years by Research Lead Facilitator  
   Deliverable D2.2    
Objective 3    






Lessons Learned - Issues and Risks  

Various lessons around management of 3rd party agency agreeing design, scope managing change

checking UAT process including accessibility



Project Audit





Outstanding issuesn/a


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DRS Outreach Phase II
ITI - Research Services (RSS)
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Maurice Franceschi
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David Fergusson
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