ITI Project Brief - Template v 2

Document Sign-off

Name Role Date signed off
David Fergusson  Project Sponsor  
Magdalena Getler  Project Manager 05/02/2018
Maurice Franceschi  Programme Manager  

Service providers and the research  community 

other stakeholders  





The project focusses on embedding digital research services at the University of Edinburgh. The goal, first and foremost, is to improve the discoverability, access and visibility of digital research services to the researchers at the University of Edinburgh. Co-design sessions with service providers, alongside contextual interviews with researchers, will guide the project in identifying ways to provide and improve access to research data services.

Ultimately, the aim is to meet researchers’ needs (identified through interviews, focus groups, surveys, usability testing and an ongoing communications and interactions with service providers  and researchers during training/drop-in clinics) to create a service that will be used frequently and recommended favourably. We believe the more our users (researchers and service providers) get involved in the service provision from the early stages, the more likely the service becomes of evoking ownership and will lead to an increased loyalty and long-term engagement.



We will deliver:

  • A website to increase the discoverability of services provided by: DCC, EPCC, Edina & Data Library, Software Sustainability Institute (SSI), IS Research Services, and IS Research Data Service.
  • A branding: a visual identity and familiarity for the service.
  • 3x Research Facilitators in posts across the three Colleges as well as a network of Research Ambassadors
  • A service catalogue
  • An engagement strategy to set out the communications goals, strategies, as well as the communication activities and time frames. This will need to be reviewed by Research Facilitator Lead every 2-3 years to ensure its continuing relevance.


Out of Scope


Objectives and Deliverables and Success Criteria


  Description of the Objective  
  Description of the Deliverables needed to achieve the objective  
Objective 1 To improve the visibility of digital research services at the University  Success Criteria
   Deliverable D1.1 Develop a website to offer an easy access to a range of services offered by the University and its partner institutions  

   Deliverable D1.2

Recruit a network of research champions to promote digital research services  
   Deliverable D1.3 

Produce a service catalogue


Objective 2 To set out a continuous plan and goals for improving the discoverability of digital research services  
   Deliverable D2.1 Produce an Engagement Strategy - to be reviewed every 2-3 years by Research Lead Facilitator  
   Deliverable D2.2    
Objective 3    

   Deliverable D3.1

   Deliverable D3.2    
Objective 4    
   Deliverable D4.1    
Objective 5    
   Deliverable D5.1    
   Deliverable D5.2    


This table can be used through Business and Technical Analysis, Design, Build, and Testing/UAT as a Traceability Matrix to ensure the project brief project objectives and deliverables are followed through.





Requirement User / Owner MoSCoW Associated Objective/Deliverable (Ox/Dx.x)
Organise a workshop to establish a baseline across the service providers’ expectations and priorities for the project Magdalena Getler Must D1.1
Gather user insight (via interviews, workshops, surveys and user testing) to inform the development of the website Magdalena Getler Must D1.1
Design a website (including analytics and SEO strategy) Magdalena Getler Must D1.1
Recruit Research Facilitators and Research Ambassadors David Fergusson Must D1.2
Produce a service catalogue David  Fergusson Must D1.3
Produce an engagement strategy Magdalena Getler Must D2.1
Produce marketing materials (leaflets, newsletter, etc.) Magdalena Getler Should  



Benefits management and realisation will be available on the ITI Sharepoint space.

  1. Improved discoverability, awareness and usage of digital research services at the University of Edinburgh.
  2. Improved the overall experience of academics conducting (and collaborating on) research at the University of Edinburgh through the provision of easily accessible and integrated set of comprehensive digital research services in partnership with EPCC, Edina, DCC, School IT and national services.




Portfolio Governance  

Role Name Division / Group / Team / College / School and Title
Project Sponsor David Fergusson  
Programme Owner Maurice Franceschi  
Programme Manager Magdalena Getler DCC
Portfolio Owner    
Portfolio Manager    
Service Owner / Service Operations Manager    


Project Board



Role Name Division / Group / Team / College / School and Title
Senior User (may be the Executive)    
Senior Supplier    
Other board members    



Standard RAG


Resources Skills and Cost



Priority and Funding

Highest Priority - 1


Project Team


Role Name Division / Group / Team / College / School and Title
Project Manager Magdalena Getler  
Technical Lead and other technicians Steve Thorne  
Business Analyst    
Business Lead(s)    
Procurement Advisor    
Service Contact    
User(s) - who will help in analysis, testing and sign-offs    


Quality of Project and Deliverables / Key Project Milestones



Milestone Sign-Off means Date of Milestone Who signs-off (Accountability)

Start of Project

Project can begin, is in line with Programme and Portfolio priority, has resource

December 2017

Sponsor, Programme Manager

End of Planning

Project Brief, Plan, Estimated Budget, Risks, Communication Plan - all approved. Project has resource approved by section head for the estimated effort. Project has funding for effort for other costs.

28 February 2018

Sponsor, PM, Programme Manager, Section Head(s)

End of Analysis quality and completeness of analysis   business analyst / business lead / senior user / PM
End of Design quality and completeness of design   technical lead / senior supplier/ business lead / senior user/ PM
End of UI Design quality of UI - to show we have designed an interface that is usable, accessible, promotes equality and diversity   technical lead / senior supplier/ business lead / senior user
End of Build quality and completeness of build   technical lead / senior supplier/ PM
Acceptance overall quality of deliverable, UAT has been passed, Intergation testing successful, all components technically checked  - fit for delivery to live service  

technical lead / senior supplier /business lead / senior user /business analyst /PM


Security QA deliverable satisifies security   Section Head
Branding QA for new, upgraded services, sign-off that branding guidelines for ISG, University, school/college has been followed by the project team  

PM / and as appropriate ...

UoE C&M, college C&M and (pending) ISG Branding Team

Design UI QA to show we have built an interface that is usable, accessible, promotes equality and diversity   Sponsor and Service Owner
EqIA For new services or services undergoing substantial change, there must be an Equality Impact Assessment completed, validated by equality office and deposited on eqia website   PM / Service Owner / Equality Officer
PIA Check if your project needs to undergo a Privacy Impact Assessment   PM / Service Owner / CISO


Change to Service can proceed

31 July

Sponsor, PM

service owner/ service operations manager (helpline)

Handover to Support support can take over running of the Service   service owner/ service operations manager (helpline)


Project can close

31 July

Sponsor, PM



That we have the time from the Research staff for this priorty 1 project.







Previous Lessons Learned







- Weekly Project Sponsor and Project Manager meetings have been scheduled and are taking place.

- Weekly team meetings have been scheduled and are taking place.

- Stakeholder analysis as well as audience/message matrix have been carried out and are contributing to the Communication Management Plans per stakeholder group. The engagement strategy to follow shortly.

- Project steering group meeting has taken place, terms of reference to follow.



Run / Grow / Transform


Alignment with Strategic Vision  

IS Strategic Vision the main elements of the vision that this projects contibutes to are highlighted in bold.

Student Experience

Student experience and the unique Edinburgh offer  
Online and distance learning leaders  
Library national and international leadership  

Research and Innovation

Research IT and Data Sciences To improve access to existing services and through this fill the gaps in service provision, support adoption of a wide range of digital services and overall, simplify the researchers’ journey with a well-supported “Federation of Excellence”
Innovation The expansion of digital research capability and services will give the University a competitive advantage and is a necessity in the increasingly data intensive & cross-disciplinary research
Collaborative leadership  and social responsibility  

Service Excellence

Process improvement, efficiency, quality and best practice To improve the service provision, reduce the duplication, and ultimately produce a service that puts researchers first
Long‐term IS strategic planning and linked professional services  
Information Security  


University's Strategic Vision for 2025 the main elements of the vision that this projects contributes to are highlighted in bold.

Vision Themes Commentary
A unique Edinburgh offer for all of our students  
• all of our undergraduates developed as student/ researchers with clear, supported pathways through to Masters and PhD  
• all our students offered the opportunity to draw from deep expertise outside their core discipline  
• a highly satisfied student body with a strong sense of community.  
Strong and vibrant communities within and beyond the University – making the most of our unique offer of world-leading thinking and learning within one of the world’s most attractive cities

The project will improve the overall researchers’ experience of conducting research at the University thanks to the provision of an integrated set of comprehensive digital research services in partnership with EPCC, Edina, DCC, School IT and national services.

A larger, more international,staff who feel valued and supported in a University that is a great and collegial place to work, develop and progress  
More postgraduate students – underpinned by the best support in the sector to ensure we attract the brightest and best regardless of ability to pay  
A strong culture of philanthropic support focussed especially on our students and on outstanding research capabilities.  
Many more students benefiting from the Edinburgh experience (largely or entirely) in their own country – supported by deep international partnerships and world- leading online distance learning  
Sustained world leading reputation for the breadth, depth and interdisciplinarity of our research supported by strong growth in research funding and strong international partnerships – drawing from well-established and less well developed sources


An estate that matches expectations, responds flexibly to changing student and staff needs, and showcases the University



A deeper and earlier collaboration with industry, the public sector and the third sector – in terms of research; knowledge exchange; and in giving our students the best possible set of skills for their future




Digital Transformation Commentary
Describe how the changes this project delivers will contribute to the digitial transformation of the Service                               



IS Change Programme - How will this project's Deliverables and Benefits promote the Themes  



IS Change Programme Theme How the project deliverables and benefits contribute to change
Project Management Yes
Working Together Yes - this project will help better working together across ISG, ISG and Colleges
Standards and Technical Leadership  
Staff Learning and Development  
Service Based Culture

Yes - the project is driven by service-based culture

Equality and Diversity  
Partnerships and Philanthropy  
Flexible Resourcing  
Communication and Branding
Yes - communcation and branding are essential elements of the project delvierables



Service Excellence - Information and Security




Service Excellence - Process Improvement, efficiency, quality and best practice (Social Responsibility and and Sustainability)



Digital Transformation


IS Change Programme - How will the execution of this project promote the Themes


IS Change Programme Theme How the project process will contribute to change
Project Management  
Working Together


Yes - this project requires good cooperation between ISG and Colleges, with ISG, ISG and other university affiliated organisations




Standards and Technical Leadership  
Staff Learning and Development


Yes - the project management has been offered and accepted by colleague in DCC


Service Based Culture

Yes - the project is driven by service-based culture and needs all stakeholders to engage with this mindset


Equality and Diversity




Partnerships and Philanthropy



Flexible Resourcing



Communication and Branding


Yes - the project wills elect best internal or external option for this key element




Project Sponsor – Project Responsibilities

The sign-off milestones are associated with specific responsibilities of the Sponsor role .

Start of project – Explicitly Included in the Initiation Milestones Sign-Off

  1. Negotiates and confirms funding for the project
  2. Ensures the project is in line with organisational strategy and priorities
  3. Chairs the project board, appoints its members and ensures they are effective
  4. Advises the project manager of protocols, political risks, issues and sensitivities
  5. Makes the project visible within the organisation  

End of Planning – Explicitly Included in the Planning Milestone Sign-Off

  1. Works with the project manager to develop the Project Brief
  2. Ensures a realistic project plan is produced
  3. Sets tolerance levels for escalation to themselves and to the project board
  4. Ensures that project team have representation and engagement from users and suppliers
  5. Helps identify Stakeholders
  6. Approves Communication Plan
  7. Agrees on frequency of meetings with Project Manager
  8. Agrees of frequency of meetings with Project Team
  9. Agrees on milestones and who signs-off


Execution – ongoing

  1. Provides strategic direction and guidance to the project manager as directed by the Board
  2. Approves changes to plans, priorities, deliverables, schedule
  3. Encourages stakeholder involvement and maintains their ongoing commitment
  4. Chief risk taker
  5. Makes go/no-go decisions
  6. Communicates change in organisational structure, priorities, business benefits or funding
  7. Helps the project manager in conflict resolution
  8. Helps resolve inter project boundary issues
  9. Gains agreement among stakeholders when differences of opinion occur
  10. Assists the project by exerting organisational authority and the ability to influence  

Delivery – Explicitly Included in the Delivery Sign-Off

  1. Ensures that Service is ready for change


Closure - Explicitly Included in the Closure Milestone Sign-Off


  1. Helps with publicity for the change delivered
  2. Ensure that benefits will be managed, measured and realised post-project
  3. Evaluates the project’s success upon completion

Project Info

DRS Outreach Phase II
ITI - Research Services (RSS)
Management Office
Project Manager
Maurice Franceschi
Project Sponsor
David Fergusson
Current Stage
Project Classification
Start Date
Planning Date
Delivery Date
Close Date
Overall Priority