Open onDemand and EasyBuild interfaces to give  a. web access to high performance compute b. improved ability of COs and researchers to intall and manage their own software on compute services 

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Access to advanced computing and data services can be complicated and difficult for many researchers.

In order to address this a number of domain specific and general approaches have been made to produce web interfaces for advanced resources. While none of these has achieved general adoption, some have been very useful in providing improved access for groups of researchers.

The aim of this project is to pilot two potential interfaces that may be of value in providing easier access to DRS systems (EDDIE, Eleanor, etc).

These interfaces are EasyBuild and Open OnDemand.

Both of these interfaces can benefit both advanced and beginner users by lowering the technical knowledge required to use the facilities.  This is done by presenting familiar graphical interfaces and also allowing advanced users increased options for automation to streamline their workflows while accessing sophisticated aspects of the platforms.

Easy Build:

Easy Build is a framework that allows researchers and College staff to manage research software on HPC systems. It has the following features:

  • flexible framework for building/installing research software
  • fully automates software builds
  • divert from the standard “configure / make / make install” with custom procedures
  • allows for easily reproducing previous builds
  • keep the software build recipes/specifications simple and human-readable
  • supports co-existence of versions/builds via dedicated installation prefix and module files
  • enables sharing with the HPC community (win-win situation)
  • automagic dependency resolution
  • retain logs for traceability of the build processes

Some key features of EasyBuild:

  • build & install (scientific) software fully autonomously

    • also interactive installers, code patching, generating module file, …
  • easily configurable: config file/environment/command line
    • including aspects like module naming scheme
  • thorough logging and archiving
    • entire build process is logged thoroughly, logs are stored in install directory;
    • easyconfig file used for build is archived (install directory + file/svn/git repo)
  • automatic dependency resolution 
    • build entire software stack with a single command, using --robot
  • building software in parallel
  • robust and thoroughly tested code base, fully unit-tested before each release
  • thriving, growing community

Open OnDemand:

Open OnDemand is an NSF-funded open-source HPC portal based on OSC’s original OnDemand portal. The goal of Open OnDemand is to provide an easy way for system administrators to provide web access to their HPC resources, including, but not limited to:

  • Plugin-free web experience
  • Easy file management
  • Command-line shell access
  • Job management and monitoring across different batch servers and resource managers
  • Graphical desktop environments and desktop applications
  • Key benefit to the end user: You can use any web browser to access resources at a computing service provider.

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