This project will deliver the replacement of the fibre channel (FC) infrastructure supporting the DataStore service at the Mary Somerville (formerly JCMB) Data Centre. The scope covers installation, testing and replacement of fibre channel cabling, trunking, switches, and other components in the network. In addition, the scope includes the removal and disposal of legacy fibre channel equipment once the new infrastructure is in operation.

The main goals of the work are to replace end-of-life (EOL) equipment, add to the available fibre channel capacity, and improve the performance of the network. A key objective is to replace the fibre channel network whilst minimising the reduction in availability and performance of DataStore services. This work has been identified as a Priority 1 project ensuring compliance, additional capacity, and improved performance across the DataStore fibre channel network at the Mary Somerville Data Centre (MSDC).

It is estimated that the project will run from August to October 2022 and will require significant Research Services (RSS) staff involvement for specification of requirements, procurement and supplier management, installation planning and delivery, installation and configuration, testing, commissioning, and disposal of EOL equipment. In addition, support will be required for data centre planning and installation in collaboration with the MSDC manager.

It should be noted that the completion of this project is a prerequisite for the continuation of other planned DataStore work e.g. the DataStore server and storage upgrade streams in RSS402 Infrastructure Refresh 2021/22.

Monthly reports, milestones, risks and issues, etc. will be available on this website. Additional documentation will be stored at theĀ project SharePoint site. Project tasks will be managed and tracked on a Jira Scrum dashboard and backlog.

Current project status

Report Date RAG Budget Effort Completed Effort to complete
August 2022 GREEN 48.0 days 12.0 days 36.0

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DataStore Fibre Channel Replacement
ITI - Research Services (RSS)
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Lawrence Stevenson
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David Fergusson
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In Progress
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