Academic staff are meant to be using EUCLID to select PG students as part of the admissions process.

There are constant expressions of concern (Vice-Principals and senior College staff) that this part of the EUCLID software is not sufficiently functional. As a result (i) academic staff decline to use it (reverting to paper); or (ii) academic staff use it but get frustrated at their resource cost in doing so and the capacity to get caught in virtuous loops.Turnaround times are presumably suffering; additional College administrative effort is required to follow-up and deal with issues manually.

The software has been trialled. There are too many clicks, it is not sufficiently intuitive for casual users, and it is very easy to perform an action that just results in a failed process.

This project will result in a redevelopment of the software such that (i) it is intuitive and the user effort is minimised; (ii) it is robust and processes result in correct actions.

Success will result in

  • Increased use of this software
  • Reduced effort (wasted academic time) in using it i.e. increased academic staff efficiency
  • Reduction of this as an inhibitor to timely turnaround


**** This project was withdrawn in November 2012 and the functionality and budget required transferred to SAC004 as Enhancement 15. This project is now closed. ****

Current project status

Report Date RAG Budget Effort Completed Effort to complete
September 2012 GREEN 51.0 days 0.1 days 50.9

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Revise PG Academic Selection Process
Student Systems Partnership SSP
Project Manager
Franck Bergeret
Project Sponsor
Bruce Johnson
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