EUCLID currently has a three-tier architecture model with duplicate tiers located in each of the University’s two main server rooms: Kings Building (KB) and Appleton Tower (AT). It uses 6 machines (Solaris servers) as front Web Tier, which will not be supported any longer by Sun Oracle from 31st July 2013.

The six web servers do no real work anymore; all work is now done on the App Tier. This project is an opportunity to simplify/consolidate the architecture. Since the two-tier architecture is also now recommended by Tribal, this project will decommission those 6 web servers, and EUCLID will become a two-tier architecture model using the existing mid application tier (6 servers), connected to the database.  It is expected that reducing the infrastructure will also have positive effects on resilience.



The project’s scope is to decommission the Euclid Web Tier, as the Web servers will not be supported any longer from 31st July 2013, and set EUCLID as a two-tier architecture model.


  1. To move the Web Tier functionality to the Application Tier.
  2. To reconfigure the Application Tier.


  1. Production of migration method. This will include identification of the Web Tier functionalities to be moved to the Application Tier: static files, style sheets, HTS files, java files…Some of the directories already exist on the Application Tier but are set to inactive.
  2. Testing strategy: functional and performance (must include success criteria), consider resilience test.
  3. Updated technical architecture document.
  4. Implementation process. Consider the options for implementation in order to mitigate the risks: decommission servers gradually, over the two sites. Include back out plan (i.e. re enable access through the web servers).
  5. Migrated system. All the Euclid environments need to be updated (Dev, Test, Live and Trn). Dev environment is a shared server, which may be used for other purposes, to be checked.

Current project status

Report Date RAG Budget Effort Completed Effort to complete
February 2013 BLUE 51.0 days 49.5 days 1.9

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Retirement of EUCLID Web Servers
Student Systems Partnership SSP
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Franck Bergeret
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Karen Osterburg
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