To deliver small-scale enhancements to the enterprise student systems (Internally driven for process improvement).

This will be delivered in multiple enhancements, each enhancement will have its own requirements written by SSP and the business owners.

SSP and the wider IS Apps will deliver development resource to meet the business requirements.


E1 - Reinstate DUST

Create an efficient, repeatable process to create a DUST environment from TEST to provide an additional workspace for Agile projects.

E2 - VS Prospectus Feed

Enabling a feed of course data to feed the VS Course Prospectus

E3 - Course Exam Requirements

Enabling course exam requirements to be entered in CCAM and be available for reporting.

E4 - Fixed Fees

Analysis to ensure that charging fixed fees for international students requires no system work.

E5 - Mini Portfolio

1. Amendments to the number of images required for a portfolio.

2. Amendments to the assessment process of the portfolios

E6 - SQE Validation

Amendments required to the application form so that current Tribal delivered functionality can be used.

E7 - Exam Scheduler install & Set Up

Installation of one instance of Exam Scheduler 3 and shadowing of set up.

E8 - Study Abroad Agents

Enable Agents to be classified as Study Abroad and amend the text of the offer letter for applicants with these Agents.  There will also be analysis on Transcript addresses which may result in further development.

E9 - Research Revision vs Resubmission

Creating processes to cater for Revision rather than Resubmission of a thesis.

E10 - EUGEX Performance Improvements

Review of how the current refresh jobs run and simplify the process by reducing the number of locks and improve the log for the refresh process to be consistent.

E11 - SAAS Import Performance Improvements

The SAAS import is run weekly and is now taking between 15-24 hours to run which reduces the time available for checking prior to the export to SAAS at the end of the week.  This will investigate a possible solution to improve the import performance.

E12 - Review Email domain validation

This will review how the email address is validated wihtin SITS and implement a standard email address validation tool so that it will allow the new email address with the potential domain names of .scot and .london to be valid and stored within SITS.

E13 - Exam Non-attendance

Non attendance at exams needs to be recorded for Summer 14 and then be able to be used within UKBA monitoring.  This will be a simple solution to satisfy the immediate need.

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Small Scale Enhancements- Internal
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