The purpose of this project is to develop a consolidated set of system tools within EUCLID to adminster the PGR student lifecyle. Currently these exist partly in EUCLID and partly in PPMD which was developed as an add on to EUCLID when the original project descoped PGR administration as a priority.  

The tools developed will provide a solid foundation for the implementation of the PREP project in 2015/16 if funding is achieved and a model for additional functionality to be built in the same way in the future. The prioritiy of these changes within the PGR lifecycle was confirmed by the Researcher Experience Committee (REC) on 3/3/15.

The core reason that the project is required is to move the functionality and data which is currently held within the Postgraduate Progression Monitoring Database ( PPMD ) into EUCLID so that all of the centrally delivered PGR administration  functions can be administered in one place aremoving duplication of data and processes

The objectives of the project are:

- To pull all of the PGR administation into one system, removing duplication of data and processes reducing effort on these tasks across the organisation. - To provide a solid foundation for the PREP project from a systems perspective. - Build on the framework developed in the re-design of the student hub to allow the addtional data to be added in a clean and consistent manner.

The scope of the project is as follows:

- Analysis of the data and processes which are stored and actioned in PPMD. - Move all the process which are specific to PPMD into EUCLID where required. - Develop any added value processes around the functionality which is being moved over such as a concessions workflow. - Migrate any data required from PPMD to EUCLID. - Expose any new data now stored in EUCLID in ESSMU - Allow all parties to see the data as required including the student - Decide  how long the PPMD data iwhich is not moved across s required to be accessible to staff.

Out of Scope (In scope of PREP project or SAC046 -Student Funding)

1) Enhancements to Annual Review Form 2) Introduction of new staff relationships with the student (e.g Thesis Committee Co-Ordinator) 3) Workflowfor examiners form to make sure are sign-off by all (Scope will only nclude straightforwad upload of documents) 4) Student Funding (this will be devlivered for all students not just PGR in SAC046 Student Funding Project)

Current project status

Report Date RAG Budget Effort Completed Effort to complete
June 2017 BLUE 0.0 days 0.0 days 0.0

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PGR Administration
Student Systems Partnership SSP
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Shirley McCulloch
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Jeremy Bradshaw
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