The Student Systems Board wants to provide resources to be focussed on continuous improvements to ensure that enhancements and small changes can be made to existing systems and processes to have an impact on the student experience.  This project has been set up for this.  This work will be driven by the users of our systems, feedback from support and project implementations and technical enhancements.

The over-riding objective will be to deliver solutions to make an impact to the student experience or improve business processes.  This will be achieved by having a partnership with the relevant business area.

This will be delivered in multiple improvements, each Improvement will have its own requirements written by SSP and the business owners.

Where development resource is required, it will be provided by SSP and the wider IS Apps


I1 - EUSU data provision

Integrate with the EUSU system so that student data can be passed to EUSU to:

  • provide the student with a simplified registration process 
  • ensure the student data in EUSU is up-to-date


I2 - SIMD2016 data (Complete)

Provide the support to implement the 2016 dataset for Scottish Index of Multiple Deprevation (SIMD2016)


I3 - Data provision for Mobility (Withdrawn)

Integrate with the Mobility system so that:

  • student has a simplified application process by only entering additional information
  • ensure the student data in Mobility is up-to-date


I4 - Amendments to support OLL to be a School (Complete)

Update the entities within EUCLID so that OLL has the functionality of a School


I5 - Amendments to support the change of HSS to CAHSS


I6 - PGR Annual Review bugs (complete)

Resolve bugs for: date being used for schedule of Annual Review and provision of information for Board Report.


I7 - MyEd Student Channel (To be completed by Student Systems Operations)

Make changes to MyEd Student Personal Details Channel to be responsive within the upgraded MyEd.


I8 - PHP Upgrades (withdrawn)

Upgrade of PATH and DRPS to supported version of PHP.


I9 - PPMD front end decommissioning

Decommissioning of the ColdFusion front end for PPMD.


I10 - Review & amend the security on Deeplinks

Deeplinks provide an efficient way to access EUCLID, but there are different ways they can be implemented.  This review will ensure that our use of them satisfies our security requirements.


I11 - Review security recommendations from Tribal

This will review Tribal's security recommendations to produce a plan and action if resource allows.

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August 2017 BLUE 0.0 days 0.0 days 0.0

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Continuous Improvements
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Karen Osterburg
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Barry Neilson
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