This project is to provide resources that can be focussed on continuous improvements to ensure that enhancements and small changes can be made to existing systems and processes to have an impact on the student experience.   The work will be driven by the users of our systems, feedback from support and project implementations and technical enhancements.

The over-riding objective will be to deliver solutions to make an impact to the student experience or improve business processes.  This will be achieved by having a partnership with the relevant business area.

This will be delivered in multiple improvements, each Improvement will have its own requirements written by SSP and the business owners.

Where development resource is required, it will be provided by SSP and the wider IS Apps

I1 - EUSU data provision

Integrate with the EUSU system so that student data can be passed to EUSU to:

  • provide the student with a simplified registration process 
  • ensure the student data in EUSU is up-to-date

I2 - Changes to WP calculation (complete)

Amend the  WP calculation to reflect the new requirements for 18/19 entry.

I3 - Support PHP upgrades

Provide support for the upgrade of PATH and DRPS to a supported version of PHP.

I4 - Decommission Disability systems (To be taken forward in STU)

With Disability functionality being delivered in EUCLID from 17/18,  the legacy systems need to be decommissioned.  Resource (up to 10 days) will be provided from the STU Programme budget.

I5 - Graduation amendments for November 2017

Resolve problems surrounding:

  • Change control after form closure & before ceremonies
  • Parchment production
  • APT impact
  • Automating communications

I6 - Decommissioning PPMD db & BI

PPMD will be read-only during 17/18 and this is to decommission the database & related BIS at the end of 17/18. 

I7 - Tribal Security Recommendations

Implement the recommendations from Tribal's security reviews

I8 - automated deployment for SSP

Develop and implement the automated deployment process using Bamboo for SITS configuration changes, Database script and external resource files (javascript, css, etc.).

I9 - Google Analytic tracking for enquiry/applicant

CAM request to add Google analytic tracking in PG application form to track the potential application from their campaign page to University's various webpage and then start the PG application. 

I10 - Move Bootstrap 2 to Bootstrap 3 for student self service

Student self services is using Bootstrap 2 at this moment, while most of other areas in Euclid is using Bootstrap 3. This is to move student self service to use the same version of bootstrap. The benefit is more consistent user experience for student and also to reduce the maintenance/support overhead and improve the consistency of development standard

I11 - Replace of student programme/course information in MyEd using API

The technology used for MyEd portlet for student programme/course information is now end of live. This is to investigate a new API for the required data. This will allow the MyEd team to develop a portlet wihtin uPortal using the data from the new API.

Current project status

Report Date RAG Budget Effort Completed Effort to complete
September 2018 BLUE 125.0 days 154.0 days 0.0

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Continuous Improvements 17/18
Student Systems Partnership SSP
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Defeng Ma
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Lisa Dawson
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