In Year Project Proposal

Portfolio CSG/ISG/SASG/HSS/MVM/SCE delete as applicable Portfolio Priority 1/2/3 
Programme Programme name if applicable Programme Priority 1/2/3
Programme / Portfolio Owner Programme Owner (or Portfolio Owner if no Programme)  Programme / Portfolio Manager (IS Applications) Programme Manager ((or Portfolio Manager if no Programme) 
Project Name  (Project Code)  
Project Sponsor This is the individual with overall responsibility for the project. Note that even the Project Sponsor delegates their day to day activities to another person they retain overall responsibility as Project Sponsor. 
Business Lead This is the individual with day to day operational responsibility for progressing the project.
Project Manager (IS Applications)  
Key Stakeholders  
What will this project deliver?  
Why is the project needed? What problem is being solved? What are the benefits?  
How will the services delivered be maintained after the project is complete?  
Proposed Start Date For Project  
Target Delivery Date  
Category Compliance / Discretionary delete as applicable Funding Source Core Grant / Sponsor Funded delete as applicable
Estimation Type High Level Description of Work Involved
Software Development / Software Configuration / Infrastructure / Business Case / Procurement / Software Package Implementation delete as applicable  
Risks Risk is the uncertainty that comes from making any change. A risk may or may not happen but if it occurs it will have a material impact on the success of the project.  Effective risk management requires identification of the risk, an assessment of the probability and impact, contingency planning and  identification of mitigation action. Identify the most important risks for this project and any management actions required to reduce the negative impact or the probability of the risk occurring.  Probability =  Low, Medium, High, Critical Impact = Low, Medium, High, Critical. Management Approach is either:
  • Monitor/Retain - accept the risk but continue to monitor
  • Reduce - take action to reduce the impact or probability
  • Remove - eliminate the risk entirely
  • Transfer - move the risk to a third party
For the selected approach identify the most important actions that will be taken to manage the risk.
Risk Description Impact - Code and Description Probability - Code and Description) Risk Management Approach - Actions
Estimated IS Apps Days Small (50) / Medium (120) / Large (250) / Extra Large (500) delete as applicable Please provide a more detailed estimate if this is available Estimated Business Partner Days Small (50) / Medium (120) / Large (250) / Extra Large (500) delete as applicable Please provide a more detailed estimate if this is available
Estimated Confidence Highly Confident (Done This Before) Reasonably Confident (Similar To Previous Work) Not Very Confident (A Lot Of Uncertainty) No Confidence Add notes on estimate confidence here 
Estimation References and Assumptions Provide any other relevant information about the the project and it's estimate. This may include:
  • Assumptions about the project approach, scope or deliverables
  • Details of previous similar projects
  • Links to supplier web sites or other external resources
  • Links to attached documents 
  • Other challenges or uncertainties not covered elsewhere
  • Other opportunities or benefits not covered elsewhere 
Record as many details as are relevant
Approvers (IS Applications) Record names, roles and dates of approval
Approvers (Business Partners) Record names, roles and dates of approval 


Project Info

Sample Project: Student Systems Partnership (SSP)
Sample Programme - for demonstration purposes only (SAMPLE)
Project Manager
Franck Bergeret
Project Sponsor
Kirstie Roseweir
Current Stage
Not Started
Start Date
Planning Date
Delivery Date
Close Date