Work carried out under Service Excellence noted that:

From a Students Perspective

- Currently students need to access multiple sources to retrieve the information they need and to understand the processes and tasks they are expected to complete.

- To a student the University appears disjointed, inconsistent and confusing and as a result, they need to work hard to understand what they need to know and what is expected of them.

- There is inconsistency in the student experience, which results from the presentation of the data depending on the School(s) and College to which they are associated.

- Information as a rule is not personalised for an individual student so they need to work out themselves what is relevant to them and their current status.

- My-Ed presents information to students that is based on the underlying systems generating the data / process, rather than what any given student needs to see or interact with at different point in their lifecycle. This finding was validated by the “Headscape” review of the University’s digital presence.


Staff Perspective

- School staff are spending significant amounts of time duplicating information and delivery mechanisms for the information which they need the student to access.

- Staff are spending time confirming to students what their current status is, where different requests are and what needs to happen for them to be approved rather the students being able to work this out for themselves. Strategic Direction

- Although heavily used by students, MyEd has been operating as a resource-limited IT service, which has not received much attention or business input at the University level. Typically, it has been a platform to which content from support-group services has been added at the point an IT project delivers.

- There needs to be group which steers the direction of MyEd which is business-led .

Scope: The scope of the work to deliver in full is complex and currently there is a lack of clarity about what exactly needs to done to achieve the long-term aims. This project proposes to deliver a pilot which demonstrates that the functional and technical requirements can be achieved alongside producing a plan for the way forward in terms of capabilities/functionality and timings.

All changes related to UniDesk RFC: C1705-085 or RfC: C1710-165

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March 2018 BLUE 446.0 days 398.0 days 5.0

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Student Centred Portal Pilot (SAS002)
Service Excellence - Student Administration and Support (SAS)
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Service Excellence PMO
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Ranald Swanson
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Lisa Dawson
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