Work carried out under Service Excellence noted that:

  • There is no single, accessible, source of information on the whereabouts of students when they are away from the Institution. Consequently, there is a risk that students (individually or collectively) cannot be contacted when urgent personal or location-related issues arise.
  • The University is not adequately supporting students who are studying or working away from the Institution (including, where relevant, recording key contact points).
  • There is a large amount of inconsistently-recorded and School-specific data relating to this type of student activity, with many Schools making use of manual systems to record key information outside of the student record, meaning that the student’s official records are incomplete.
  • The ‘Mobility’ on-line system used to process ‘Go Abroad’ applications is not fit for purpose. It is difficult to configure, non-intuitive and does not allow the appropriate access for the staff who need to be involved in the process.
  • There are no University-supported systems to support placements for students.
  • Updating the student record when students return to the Institution with any credits and transcripts is carried out in different ways across the University, which can negatively impact a student’s progression or graduation.

The ambition of this project is to deliver:

  • Redesign university wide business processes for recording and supporting students studying or working away from the institution. It is intended that the new processes start from the agreement being made with other partners through to the student returning to the university and having any outcomes recorded against their student record;
  • Cover all of the reasons why a student might be away from study aboard, field trips and placements with the business process re-design;
  • Develop the appropriate solution to support the new business process, including student on line application for students to apply for study and work away opportunities;
  • Develop and implement the appropriate system solution. It will either be integrated in the Student Record system or built within it, and will underpin the new business process.
  • Ensure all information and correspondence relating to students studying or working away from the university are stored on the student record to enable statutory management reporting.
  • Provide reporting facilities for Management Information.
  • Provide a repository for all documents associated with the process, including documents relating to contractual agreements with other partners in relation to study arrangements and placements.
  • It will also include the data collection for visiting students as required for reporting on their number as per the bilateral agreements with partners.
  • Provide an evaluation of the training requirements of the project and then delivery of on line guidance and training as appropriate.

The benefits to the University will be:

  • Accurate Data Recording
  • Improved Student Support and Remove Risk to Reputation
  • Improved Student Experience
  • Accurate Information on Student Location
  • Efficient Placement Management


The project will agree new standard workflows for managing Study and Work away activity.

These workflows will then be supported by the implementation of the new InPlace system (SAS016 project) so that all study and work away activity is tracked in a single new system with 2-way integration to the EUCLID student record system.

The project will aim to deliver  the new processes and system in a phased roll-out across all schools

It is recommended that some small scale pilots are run for some of the simpler activities, before the system is rolled out to more complex business areas.


Project will be divided into below Workstreams (WS) to track the progress; identify, assign & complete various project actions; and for reporting purposes.

  • WS1 – HR & People Transition
  • WS2 – Change
  • WS3 – Communications
  • WS4 –  Ways of Working
  • WS5 – Logistics
  • WS6 - Governance & Policy

Current project status

Report Date RAG Budget Effort Completed Effort to complete
August 2019 BLUE 0.0 days 0.0 days 0.0

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Work and Study Away
Service Excellence - Student Administration and Support (SAS)
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