The existing tool being used to support the Exam Timetabling process at the UoE will be replaced by the new version of Scientia  Exam Scheduler - this is a new product release from the same supplier ( Scientia) - with a new technical architecture.


Enterprise Scheduler v3 was previously evaluated by the Exam Timetabling team in 2014 - as part of project SAC022 - this project got as far as building a DEV system (see TAD ) and then got some initial consultancy from Scientia Ltd.




Alison Ramsay has shared the documentation from this previous work - and SAS005 will be able to build on this starting point , review the proposed configuration and data mappings from 2014 , and understand any changes to business requirements and product changes since then  that will have a material impact. 


Since 2014 , the EMIT data transfer tool has been replaced by new Scientia product - Connect.

Connect will be used to build the feed of data from the other corporate systems ( Student systems / Enterprise Timetabler) as required 



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Reporting requirements:

1] Requirement for a public view of the full exam timetable, separate from the feed to Student’s personalised  Office 365 calendars

2] MI / BI  Reporting requirements



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Success Criteria

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Project Milestones

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