Implementation Tasks


Deploy to LIVE

1]Infrastructure Components


Reviewed by Jamie Thin, Alister Webb and Brian Denholm ( 10-May 2018)


Order and Build VMs for LIVE - Connect & Exam Scheduler  (done - ALister Webb / ITI)

Open up firewalls in LIVE - Connect & Exam Scheduler (done - Alister Webb / ITI)

DNS in LIVE ( done - changes to be tested by  Thomas Battle Scientia w/c 14-May )


ES & Connect

Install Connect (Done - Thomas Battle - Scientia)


Install ES v3.5.8  (Done - Thomas Battle - Scientia)

IS  Dev Tech Install MS SQL server in LIVE (done - Alister Webb)

Apply https certificates in LIVE (done - Alister Webb / Thomas Battle Scientia )



TEST & LIVE - built (Done - Alister Webb & Daniel Dainty from S2Unifed )

Calsync Config - Exam Template (in TEST) - to be deployed to LIVE once Calsync testing signed off ( expected to be w/c 21-May ) (Stephen Smith ) 

logs - adding student uun ( advice provided by Danial Dainty S2Unifed)


2]Application Components


Scientia install Exam Scheduler  v3.5.8 and Connect (managed by Scientia )

Latest Connect config to be promoted from TEST to LIVE on Fri 18-May ( Thomas Battle - Scientia)


Scientia remote access:

'Log me in' installed on a laptop - to enable remote access (interim arrangement for project)


S2Unified - webex like shared session with supplier 



New views in EUGEX DEV & TEST (HUB) 

New views to be promoted to EUGEX LIVE on 16-May ( Ewan Scott - pending GoCab approval) 

User account for EUGEX - new system account  'Exam_Connect' to be created in DEV , TEST and LIVE

in LIVE , switch Scientia config to connect using new system DB account


3]Application Setup


SAS005 - Exam scheduler - steps to go-Live:


Tues 15-May - Jamie brief Go CAB on the proposed schedule of deployments to LIVE


SAS005 - Deploy new Exam Scheduling solution



SAS005 Deploy Exam Timetabling views to EUGEX LIVE

JIRA SAS005-150 / JIRA SAS005-159



Wed 16-May / Thurs 17-May  - subject to GoCab approval - Ewan Scott to deploy to LIVE

New views 

New system account


Fri 18-May - Scientia final install - Thomas Battle install latest config to Connect LIVE, tests connectivity with new system account

Thomas creates new LIVE ES db copying golden copy reference data from TEST to LIVE

Taks snapshot back-up of LIVE , so that some integration testing can be done in LIVE, then roll-back to empty DB with reference data


1] Copy Connect config from TEST to LIVE


2] Copy backup of Reference data into LIVE

-Academic periods

- Location configuration

- location sizes

- location suitabilities


- tags


4]Integration Components

Phase 1





SAS005 Deploy Exam Timetabling views to EUGEX LIVE

JIRA SAS005-150 / JIRA SAS005-159

2 new views

Invigilators table


WP2 - UoE Dev Tech promote changes to SITS Oracle Streams to LIVE - new fields required for Disability data in EUGEX views

WP2 -  UoE Dev Tech promote EUGEX views to LIVE 

WP2 - UoE Dev Tech Deploy Invigilator table to EUGEX LIVE , and load new fresh Invigilator data into EUGEX LIVE table

WP2 - Scientia install latest version of Student Systems connector

WP3 - S2Unified install Calsync on LIVE Calsync Exams server

WP3 - UoE hook Calsync LIVE to Office365 API LIVE - new impersonation account for API



WP4 - deploy new Exams Timetabling BI Suite Universe to LIVE(production )

WP4 - Python Web timetables - deploy to LIVE (Dev Tech - Ricky)


Phase 2

WP5 - Resits - SSP changes to EUCLID - new fields in the new EUGEX Views (no extra deployment for Resits) 

WP6 - Fixed Date Exams  (no extra deployment for Resits) 

5]Data Population

Tues 22-May - Dry Run initial load of Exams and Students from EUGEX LIVE into ES LIVE - do system checks , then clear down data in ES again , ready for go-Live on Mon 11-June

6]Data Migration


7]Implementation Validation

Validation in pre-LIVE by SAS005 project team and business user, then cleardown data in ES Live , and go back to empty DB with only the reference data