Rollout Steps


Key dates:


w/c 14-May  2018 – Start final deployment to LIVE


Wed 16-May - Move new EUGEX views into EUGEX Live ( UoE Task)

Fri 18-May - Scientia deploy to pre-LIVE tasks ( on dedicated ES and Connect servers, no impact on legacy LIVE services) 


Copy Connect config from TEST to LIVE ( Scientia task for Thomas)  


Copy Reference data from  ES TEST to  ES LIVE ( Scientia task for Thomas) 


w/c 21-May


Move Calsync config from TEST to LiVE (UoE task)

Deploy Exam Web timetables to LIVE ( UoE task)


Check Connect and ES in LIVE ( UoE and Scientia task) – need to confirm what testing Sabrina can safely do in LIVE , as quick test that the config in LIVE is all good , before we hand over to Alison Ramsay and her team in the exam timetabling business unit

I would suggest when we build the solution and have the reference data in we ensure this is final then we take a backup of the data in this state. This way Sabrina can conduct all testing required then before we hand the solution over to the exams team we restore the original database which can be conducted in 5/10 minutes.

Complete all deployment to LIVE tasks by Fri 1st June


w/c 4th June – Complete checks of LIVE env  / Any re-work as required

  • Final prep before Go-Live on Mon 11th June



Monday 11th June – Go-Live of new Exam scheduling solution to the Exam Timetabling team in Student Systems – Alison Ramsay’s team start to use Exam Scheduler v3.5.8


22nd June – Deadline for Course results ( UoE Student Systems) – this will drive population of students on resits


25th June – Deadline for RFA students (UoE Schools)  – resit exceptions to be keyed by Schools , and data sent to Exam Timetabling team


4/5/6 – July – Ronald  Degenaers on-site in Edinburgh to support scheduling of Aug resit exams  (Scientia)


16th July – Draft Exam Timetable for Aug resits published to Schools (for review)


w/c 23rd July – Publish Main Exam Timetable to the Exam Web timetables and to Office365 (via Calsync) – first time using new solution to deliver personalised exam timetables to students


Calsync –Exam Timetabling steps prior to running Calsync:


1.Tech Man-

Aim- Clear Exam Timetabling data source (RDB) - to do this: switch off the pull from Exam Timetabling RDB- This will stop service pulling from RDB.  Now a stop service.


2.Tech Man-

Within the Calsync admin utility, switch off the push to O365 calendars

3. Dev Tech-

Clear the contents of the Calsync database as advised by vendor so that there is no redundant data/duplication. Done by executing procedure DeleteAllData and enter value 112 when prompted.

4. Stephen/Service management

Set new date range (exam starts 6th Aug): start date can be set earlier . Once set do not change the start date. Set end date  post last exam is Fri 16th Aug.

5.Tech Man

Start the batch run. Within the Calsync admin utility,  re-enable the pull from the Exam Timetabling RDB (will get the timetable link and retrieve data).

6. Stephen/Sabrina

Check the data coming in

7. Stephen/Service Management -

Switch on the Office 365 link to populate O365 calendars


August – resit exam take place


Sept – Upgrade ES DEV / TEST / LIVE to v3.5.9 (Scientia) & any small enhancements required for Dec 2018 main exam diet

  • Fix any new issues / act on any lessons learned from initial go-live for Aug resits


Oct – data prep and scheduling for Dec main exam diet



Nov – data prep and scheduling for Dec main exam diet



Dec 2018 – Main Dec exam diet


Jan 2019 - Deployment Review & Closure