Work carried out under Service Excellence noted that:

  • 20 (out of 54) issues identified during the SA&S CSA related to policy development and implementation.
  • P&R and regulations are developed (in consultation) by Central Support Group departments (e.g. Academic Services, the International Office, GASP) but implementation is left to Schools or Colleges, leading to differences of interpretation – and sometimes different presentation – of University policy.
  • The local interpretation and implementation of policy has a cost. The frequent updating of the policy detail requires Professional Services and Academic staff to spend time reviewing their own implementation plans, and creating bespoke and duplicated workflow systems and business processes to ensure they adhere to current policy.
  • Timing of changes and the introduction of new policies, the number of changes each annual cycle, and the frequency of reviews/shelf life risks non-compliance to policy and regulation as Schools don’t have sufficient resource to manage change.  
  • There is no is no information on the degree to which Schools and Colleges are not compliant with established policy. Evidence is anecdotal or results from the content of Appeals.

 The ambition of this Project is to

  • Develop a set of Principles for the development, implementation, evaluation and review of policy and regulations for recommendation to the Senate Curriculum and Progression Committee Curriculum and Student Progression Committee.
  • Develop recommendations to consolidate/restructure/repurpose existing policy and regulations to improve accessibility for all end-users in a digestible format.
  • Review business processes and recommend revisions to support policy consultation, creation, development, review, dissemination, communication, training and implementation to remove duplication of effort at local level.
  • Clarify roles, responsibilities, key tasks, deadlines and a governance and audit structure.


 In scope is all policies and regulations published by Academic Services; and any other policy that has an impact on students, e.g. the International Office, Colleges & Schools versions.

Out of Scope: Changing the content of policies and regulations.

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Policy Review
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