The University of Edinburgh has committed to a review of key professional service functions to ensure that we get the best from the sum of our efforts by building effective and efficient services. The initiative, which is known as the Service Excellence Programme (SEP), is being run by colleagues in Colleges, Schools and Support Groups together, in a joint approach.


The Student Administration & Support (SA&S) programme started in May 2016 as a sub programme of the Service Excellence programme “SEP”. As part of project SAS002, a pilot was carried out of a new contact details application to prove technical capabilities. The evaluation report of that pilot was presented at the SA&S Board (approved 9th March 2018) and UCP Steering Group members (approved on 30th March 2018) and its recommendation to establish a project to roll-out the application to all students was approved.


SAS002 Pilot Evaluation Report (Sharepoint)

 This project will comply with SEP Design Principles (https://www.ed.ac.uk/files/atoms/files/sep_handout_a4_v2_proof1.pdf) and Programme Methodology (specifically s9).The Student Administration & Support (SA&S) programme started in May 2016 as a sub programme of the Service Excellence programme “SEP”.


In Scope

  • Review of contact details application and related interfaces;
  • Improving contact details application functionality and technical structure;
  • Improving interface API/micro-services to resilience, monitoring and error-handling;
  • Handover to Production Management;
  • Student Systems Operations updates/communications; and
  • EUCLID functionality decommissioning/application embedding.

Out of Scope

  • Development of current EUCLID self-service functionality; and
  • Embedding of contact details application into any other systems; and
  • Selection of preferred UoE e-mail alias. NB This element of scope will be reviewed as DTI038 project progresses, and may be brought into scope.


The objective of the project is to:

  1. Improve existing contact details application, and related interfaces (microservice/APIs) so that it is fit-for-purpose and scaled for all students; and
  2. To test and sign-off the application prior to publishing in live MyEd environment, and to support it there until handover as a service to Production Management.


Deliverable  Code Deliverable Description Responsible Owner
D1 O1: Project Delivered with Appropriate Governance  
D1.02 Approved Project Plan Project Manager
D1.03 Planning Completed Project Manager
D2 O2: Project Benefits  
D2.01 High-Level Benefits Documented Project Manager
D2.02 Benefits Log Created Project Manager
D2.03  H-L Benefits Baselined and Success Criteria Created Project Manager
D3 O3: WP1 Contact Details - Gap Analysis  
D3.01 As-Is Process Documentation (Self-Service and Pilot) BA Lead
D3.02 To-Be Process Documentation BA Lead
D3.03 Development Action Plan BA Lead
D4 O4: WP2 API Code Review  
D4.01 API Caching Agreement API Lead
D4.02 API Infrastructure Agreement API Lead
D4.03 API Authentication Agreement API Lead
D5 O5: WP3 API Development  
D5.01 API Implemented API Lead
D6 O6: WP4 Application Development  
D6.01 Application Developed SSP Developers
D6.02 Application in MyEd Production (Go-Live) SSP Developers
D6.03 Application in SITS SSP Developers
D7 O7: WP5 Production Management  
D7.01 Post-Live Support Period Starts SSP Developers
D7.02 Post-Live Support Period Ends SSP Developers
D7.03 Production Management Handover SSP Developers
D8 O8: WP6 Service Management and Communications  
D8.01 Student Communications Updated Business Lead
D8.02 Updated Student Communications Published Business Lead
  O9: WP7 EUCLID Current Functionality  
D9.01 Self-Service Hidden/Decommissioned SSP Developers
D10 O10: Project Closure  
D10.01 Project Closure Project Manager



The benefits of this project to the University will be:


Assessment Criteria


Reduce monthly volume of Student Systems’ interventions for HESA reporting, comparing against previous years.

Baseline of student records needing intervention by Student Systems. Compare against previous year monthly checks.

 Baseline annual figures (contact details data items):

  • 2016/7 changes – 14686
  • 2017/8 changes – 44545

 This is minimum number of changes, i.e. excluding changes to different parts of the student records (e.g. course join record, course enrolment record).

Business Lead

Reduce volume of blank or invalid/outdated, (e.g. international or halls of residence) local semester addresses.

No current baseline. Project will measure volume of updates meeting this criterion.

Business Lead

Establish baseline for response time between system prompt for updates and user action.

No current baseline as not available in current system. Data analytics to provide data.

Project Manager

Reduce volume of blank or invalid/outdated mobile numbers.

No current baseline. Project will measure volume of updates meeting this criterion.

Business Lead


Success Criteria

This project will be considered successful if:

1. Contact details application is available to all students in production MyEd, and writing back correctly to EUCLID/SITS; and

2. SSP team are able to create baselines for data quality of student contact details as per benefits.


Project Milestones

A live version of the SAS011 Project Plan can be viewed here: U:\SASG\SEP\SEP Projects\SA&S 

Live version of Milestone held here: - https://www.projects.ed.ac.uk/unpublished/project/sas011/milestones

The key Milestones identified for this project will be:

Deliverable Description


Responsible Owner

Baseline Target Date

Planning Completed M Project Manager 1st June 2018

WP1 - Gap Analysis



25th May 2018

WP1 - Action Plan Developed


Project Manager

1st June 2018

WP2 – Review of API Work Required


API Developer

1st June 2018

WP3 – API Development Completed & Signed-Off


API Developer

24th August 2018

WP4 – Application Development (WP1) Completed & Signed-Off


SSP Developer

5th October 2018

WP7 –Embedding Application into EUCLID - & Signed-Off


SSP Developer

5th October 2018

WP4 and WP7 – Testing Completed/ASOR Sign-off


SSP Test Lead

19th October 2018

WP6 – Communication, Production Documentation and Support in place


SSP Implementation

26th July 2018

Go-Live (M1)


Project Manager

26th October 2018

HESA Report Period



September 2018

Post-Live Support Period Ends (After peak period) - DSOR Signed-Off


Project Manager

31st January 2019

Project Closure (M3)


Project Manager

7th February 2019

Project Info

Student Centred Portal - Contact Details Roll Out
Service Excellence - Student Administration and Support (SAS)
Management Office
Project Manager
Ranald Swanson
Project Sponsor
Lisa Dawson
Current Stage
Start Date
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Delivery Date
Close Date
Overall Priority