The Student Administration & Support (SA&S) programme started in May 2016 as a sub programme of the Service Excellence programme “SEP”. The SA&S Programme Board on 9th March 2018 approved a Business Case for the Work & Study Away programme (SAS004) to establish 3 projects to:

  1. Procure a system for Work & Study Away – This project SAS012;
  2. Implement that procured system – Project code SAS013; and
  3. Establish a new Target Operating Model, establishing a dedicated service with revised processes – Project Code SAS004

The basis for that recommendation was:

  • The programme compared likely system requirements/stories with previous SSP projects to estimate in-house development time/costs, and identified that those were prohibitively high;
  • The programme also a lack of organisational confidence in the development Roadmap of the current supplier;
  • Accordingly, a pre-market consultation was carried out with potential vendors, which identified indicative costs for licences and implementation. The scale of those, while still significantly lower than estimated in-house development costs, were high enough to require a full OJEU procurement exercise.

 The objective of the project is to procure a new integrated mobility management system. The procurement project will define the business requirements, technical requirements, scoring criteria and evaluation questions, which will be listed in the Invitation to Tender document (ITT).  



  • Establish a validation group, for both requirements validation and tender response scoring, which ensures organisational buy-in to selected supplier.
  • Complete an 'open process' (OJEU) procurement process, i.e. one stage, straight to Invitation to Tender (ITT). No Pre-Qualification Questionnaire (PQQ) will be undertaken.
  • Negotiate and sign a contract with preferred supplier from procurement.
  • The procurement phase will define the high-level implementation plan, including any plans for phased implementation.

Out of Scope

  • Assessment of alternatives to external procurement. The Business Case for the SA&S programme approved on 9th March 2018 assessed alternatives (i.e. in-house development) and identified external procurement as the preferred option.
  • Implementation of the new system is out of scope.  A separate implementation project will deliver the implementation.
  • Migration of data from Mobility Online or any other legacy system.
  • Decommissioning of Mobility Online or any other legacy system.
  • Finance/student funding management. This functionality will remain in current Mobility Online system, although requirements will be identified as Desirable.

Dependencies and Constraints

The following project assumptions apply.

  • The required Business Analysis resource is available to work on the development of the ITT, detailed requirements and demo scenarios from 12th March 2018.
  • Procurement team resources are available to start work on the project from 12th March 2018.
  • Stakeholders are able to participate in the vendor demos, subsequent evaluation, and scoring sessions.
  • Vendors will be able to provide system demos in the required timescales.


  • Resource availability is a known organisational issue, which could affect the completion of the tender document production. A risk has been raised to cover possible impact of project being affected.
  • The overall costs of third party system and associated implementation costs, as identified during the procurement process, must be approved by the SA&S Board, before contract is signed with identified supplier.



Legislative Impact


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Work and Study Away - Procurement
Service Excellence - Student Administration and Support (SAS)
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Service Excellence PMO
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Ranald Swanson
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Chris Yeomans
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