Work Packages

Work Packages

The following high-level work packages describe the key pieces of work to be delivered by the project team:


WP1: Define Procurement Strategy (Procurement Lead; Project Manager; Business Lead; Business Analyst)

The procurement strategy for the WSA system will be documented by the project team before ITT generated and issued. It will be followed throughout the project. Alongside this strategy, the project team will prepare an Equality Impact Assessment (EqIA) which will be maintained throughout the project.


WP2: Establish Evaluation and Scoring Group(s) (Business Lead; Project Manager)

The project will establish a group (or groups, as required) for:

  • Validating requirements prepared by the Project Team. Where applicable, specific sections (such as cost, EqIA or technical), may be delegated to individuals or sub-groups, provided the final scores are approved by the overall group; and
  • Scoring suppliers’ tender responses.

Although the exact membership of these groups is still to be confirmed, the proposed approach to get organisational buy-in for the procurement means a likely group will be:




Project Sponsor


Not expected to attend validation, scoring workshops but will approve outputs.

Student Representation


Expected to review all functional requirements.

WSA Service


As service development project running in parallel (SAS004) with procurement, this will be a representative from current Edinburgh Global service.



Business Lead to identify 3-4 individuals who can review academic requirements. Expected to review all functional requirements.

Programme Manager

Franck Bergeret

FB is not expected to attend validation or scoring workshops but will approve outputs.

Project Manager

Ranald Swanson


Business Lead

Jackie Barnhart


Business Analyst

Andrew Mackenzie


Procurement Lead

Gemma Stenhouse



Vicki Galt

Does not need to validate/score technical/functional requirements, but will be key for scoring of Accessibility questions. Weighting of those questions to be agreed by whole group.

Development Lead

Morag Iannetta

Reporting to Defeng Ma who will be copied in to requirements for information.

Infrastructure Lead


Reporting to Mark Lang who will be copied in to requirements for information.

Production Management




Each evaluation group member must sign a UoE procurement code of conduct and conflict of interest form. The lead evaluator/Project Sponsor also takes responsibility for any student member during the procurement process.

WP3: Document and Validate Requirements/Finalise ITT (Business Lead; Project Manager; Procurement Lead; Business Analyst; Evaluation Group)

The project team will:

  • Develop and validate functional, accessibility and technical requirements, and ensure those can be incorporated into the ITT;
  • Group requirements by sub-sections for scoring purposes;
  • Document scoring criteria for costs, based on:
    • Supplier implementation costs
    • UoE implementation costs (whether infrastructure, resources, development or other work)
    • Initial licence/purchase costs
    • Y1-Y3 supplier lifetime costs (support, licence, maintenance, etc)
    • Alignment with UoE budgets (i.e. by Academic Year)
  • Agree scoring weighting for all requirements;
  • Prepare demo scenarios for potential suppliers to address


WP4: Issue ITT and Manage Response Period (Project Manager; Procurement Lead)

That is, to ensure ITT published on schedule, and managing communications with potential suppliers as well as internally during the response period.

WP5: Evaluate ITT Responses (Business Lead; Project Manager; Procurement Lead; Business Analyst; Evaluation Group)

That is, carry out scoring of tender responses. This will involve:

  • Reviewing documentation
  • Attending supplier demos
  • For EqIA, reviewing responses alongside test/demo environment provided by supplier
  • Attending scoring workshop(s)/consensus meetings
  • Signing-off finalised scoring

WP6: Contract Award, Negotiation and Documentation (Sponsor; Project Manager; Procurement Lead)

That is, to finalise contract negotiations with supplier identified as preferred in scoring of evaluation responses. This will require final approval from Sponsor, Procurement Lead and SA&S Board before contract can be signed by UoE.

 WP7: Project Closure (Project Manager)

This will involve:

  • Formal closure report
  • Handover to implementation project

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