The Current State Assessment (CSA) highlighted a number of issues relating to timetabling:

  • The inefficient use of staff time and effort in timetable creation (both in Schools and the Timetabling Unit);
  • The inefficient publication of teaching and exam timetables (lack of a single and reliable source); and
  • An inability to easily notify students of any changes to timetables.

In order to address these issues, the Outline Business Case (OBC4) proposed the solution should:

  • Make full use of the Timetabling Unit, delivering a more efficient service;
  • Provide students with a comprehensive, individual timetable that includes all their activities, including exams, in one place; and
  • Deliver timetables into a standard electronic diary application such as Office 365 and include notifications functionality.

In addition to this, a separate timetabling project, SAS006 Comprehensive Timetable Analysis, that has been running concurrently, defined the makeup of a fully comprehensive student timetable and suggested the following recommendations:

  • Evaluate priority and activity types for phased inclusion;
  • Define the data requirements and method needed for the delivery of different activity types in a calendar; and
  • Establish process standardisation and collaborative culture needed for delivery


Project Vision

The project will develop an intuitive, user-friendly service that optimises all University resources to provide a comprehensive and personalised timetable for students on Office 365.  This vision is supported by the endorsement from the SA&S Board to continue developing one centrally based service (the Timetabling Unit), which works in business partnership with Schools.

This would have the Timetabling Unit take on a total resource planning function with additional responsibilities and overall accountability (with oversight from the Senatus Curriculum and Student Progression Committee (CSPC)) for University timetable production/representation.

The standardisation of the timetabling processes will:

  • Deliver a transparent structure with clearly defined and specialist roles both locally and centrally;
  • Dedicated business processes and commitment to the Central Timetabling System, managed by the specialist team;
  • Improve the quality of timetables produced for students and allow for a consistent central point for reliable and updatable information;
  • Allow students to apply for changes through the specialist team, who have oversight of the university timetable and will represent change requests in the Central Timetabling System; and
  • Support continued growth of University timetable activity type inclusion as identified in SAS006 Comprehensive Timetable Analysis.



Project will be divided into below Workstreams (WS) to track the progress; identify, assign & complete various project actions; and for reporting purposes.

  • WS1 HR  & People Transition to TTU team and roles in schools
  • WS2 Change
  • WS3 Communication
  • WS4 Ways of Working - standard ways across 3 colleges by means of reviewing business requirements (gaps/exceptions), agree process to be for Room Booking & Timetabling activities, standard operating procedures, training
  • WS5 Logistics (estates/room/equipment)
  • WS6 Governance & Policy - Project & SA&S Board, policy change approved by CSPC
  • WS7 Medical School Room Booking System - System analysis/implementation to meet local Medical School's requirements to transfer activities to Core Timetabling Room Booking service  -The proposed in year project (SAS014) will address the medical school room booking requirements, mainly NHS access to Central Room Booking system and system compatibility
  • WS8 MVM teaching timetabling data preparation and data migration. CSE timetabling data creation.


  • Plan attached below
  • Proposed project governance  attached below

Current project status

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Comprehensive Student Timetabling
Service Excellence - Student Administration and Support (SAS)
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Swati Chauhan
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Scott Rosie
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