This project will deliver the system workstream  (WS6) required for SAS013 Timetabling:

Why is the project needed?

There are some local business requirements for room booking in the School of Medicine, which are different from other schools / colleges. If these local business requirements are not met then there may be resistance from the school to implement the shared academic timetabling system.

System analysis and performance test to ensure the current Web Room Booking (WRB) instance is fit to meet the MVM particular requirements of Medicine/NHS bookings.

Benefits are recorded in the main SE timetabling project and align with SE objectives

What will the project deliver

  1. System analysis
  • Investigate whether the current WRB system can meet the Medical School requirements (being articulated as part of MVM128). They are essentially NHS Staff access to Central Room Booking system and system compatibility, additional WRB views to support the transition from current MVM room booking system, location suitabilities and constraints for MVM room access;
  • Investigate whether the current WRB also meet the future load of the Medical School in addition to existing university wide load;
  • Look into whether Resource Booker (Scientia 's upgrade version of WRB) would better meet some of the Medical School requirements;

2. System implementation. The analysis will inform implementation tasks:

  • One option would be to implement a separate instance of WRB; Other option would be to investigate launching a Resource Booker pilot with MVM. This is with the understanding that the upgrade for WRB (Resource Booker) is imminent and would eventually replace WRB;
  • The NHS access to WRB/Respource Booker only;
  • Address capacity management of current infrastructure;
  • Migration of existing MVM room booking data into Enterprise Timetabler.

3.Out of scope:

  • The Medical School requirements (business processes review and articulate blockers/exceptions/extensions) are done as part of MVM128 's closure report (to be signed off by MVM Board). The detailed business requirements are articulated in the SE Timetabling project (SAS013).
  • Delivery of scheduled recording of lectures for MVM. This will be delivered by the Lecture Recording Programme, via the Lecture Recording Service, using data migrated into core Timetabling system by SE Timetabling project.
  • Customisation of display screens within Edinburgh Medical School.The MVM128 closure report will specify whether Medical School screens can be customised as per existing process. The project should seek to ensure the continuation of the existing display screen service, but not provide any additional preferred customisation that does not currently exist. If local needs are required, there is a separate project, college funded (Digital Signage), being initiated. 
  • This project will not address Timetabling MVM business process changes, they are done by SAS013

Current project status

Report Date RAG Budget Effort Completed Effort to complete
March 2020 BLUE 0.0 days 0.0 days 0.0

Project Info

Medical School Room Booking system implementation
Service Excellence - Student Administration and Support (SAS)
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Ranald Swanson
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Scott Rosie
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