Priority and Funding

The project priority is NORMAL.

The project is CORE funded and has been allocated College ring fence days. 80 days were set aside at initiation, the planning estimate is 38 days.


Impact and Dependencies

  • There is no impact to any existing systems, as this project will deliver recommendations for the future.
  • Several online assessment applications are currently in used across the College and University, i.e. STACK, ExamOnline, Speedwell, Practique, Question Mark Perception (QMP). There is also an ongoing procurement project, TEL068 E-Assessment Procurement and Implementation, within LTW to replace QMP. SCE was involved in the consultation and requriement gathering exercise, as well as having representatives on the project Board. This is an open procurement and GradeScope have been encouraged to bid. The outcomes of both SCE018 and TEL068 will inform and feed in the business case for any future provision of online marking tool within the College. One option is that the centrally provisionned tool meets all the College requirements. Another is that the central tool doesn't meet some of the specialist requirements identified by the College. In which case, the recommendations from the GradeScope pilot may help the College in building a business case to provide an online marking tool that met their specialised requirements.
  • The project will require strong participation for the staff involved in the pilot, both professional services and academic staff.
  • As a change in process, this project will impact on the staff and student experience of assessment and grading.


Project Risks

(Copy of the Risk Log on 2 June 2021)

Ref Title Initial Risk Current Risk Status Management Approach Risk Owner Date of Last Review
1 Unable to establish an accurate baseline effort measurement AMBER GREEN Open Reduce Victoria Dishon 02-Jun-2021
3 TEL068 E-Assessment procurement covers the Gradescope type functionality and requirements GREEN GREEN Open Retain Victoria Dishon 02-Jun-2021
4 Unable to produce a set of consistent, measurable evaluation criteria GREEN GREEN Open Reduce Victoria Dishon 02-Jun-2021
5 Insufficient project budget GREEN GREEN Open Retain Victoria Dishon 02-Jun-2021
6 Insufficient project team resource (Project Services) GREEN AMBER Open Reduce Muriel Mewissen 02-Jun-2021
7 Insufficient project team resource (College) GREEN GREEN Open Reduce Muriel Mewissen 02-Jun-2021


Project Info

GradeScope Evaluation
SCE Portfolio Projects (OTHSCE)
Management Office
Project Manager
Muriel Mewissen
Project Sponsor
Victoria Dishon
Current Stage
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