The College of Science and Engineering want to review inefficiencies in paper based marking and want to evaluate digital assessment tools. There has been trials of different tools in some schools in the past which benefited specific departments but have so far not clarified the benefits for a more general use across the College. The Covid pandemic meant that a quick shift from on campus assessments to online assements was needed for 20/21. In order to support the schools in making this move, the College purchased a 1 year license for the online marking platform GradeScope in December 2020.

GradeScope will run as a pilot within five schools (Maths, Engineering, Informatics, Chemistry, Physics and Astronomy) over 2021.

This project will evaluate the effectiveness of the Gradescope tool for grading digital and paper assessments and contribute to the business case to support a decision on its future provision.



The project will engage with the users in the pilot to review and analyse their experience with GradeScope. This will include:

  • A review of the current manual, paper based process
  • Establishing a baseline estimate for use of Gradescope - how much administrative effort does it take schools who haven’t previously used Gradescope.
  • Agreeing Gradescope Evaluation Critieria
  • Evaluation will cover formative and summative assessment undertaken over a 6 month period between December 2020 and May 2021 exam diets.
  • Recommendation paper

Out of scope

  • Evaluation of other online assessment platforms in use in SCE, i.e. STACK, ExamOnline, or elsewhere in the University, i.e. QMP.
  • User training or training design
  • Run or decommission the pilot installation


Objectives and Deliverables

Ref Objective/Deliverable Priority Owner
O1 Review of current manual, paper based process required to set up assessments    
O1.D1 Report documenting the AS-IS process Must Business Analyst
O2 Review of GradeScope Pilot    
O2.D1 Recommendation report including review of GradeScope Pilot Must Business Analyst



  • Document manual process, providing evidence and data
  • Document GradeScope pilot use and feedback
  • Inform and feed to a Business Case for the College to decide on future provision of online marking tool


Success Criteria

  • Complete review of existing processes
  • Details of specific business requirements
  • Appraisal of GradeScope pilot
  • Provide recommendations for future use of GradeScope with SCE


Project Milestones

(Copied from the Milestones log on 2 June 2021)

Stage Milestone Due Date Previous Date Complete
Plan Planning Complete 10-Jun-2021 19-Feb-2021 No
Execute Current AS-IS processes Report 02-Apr-2021 No date available Yes
Execute Evaluation of Pilot Report 15-Jun-2021 No date available Yes
Deliver Recommendation report 15-Jun-2021 No date available No
Close Project Closure 02-Jul-2021 No date available No


Project Info

GradeScope Evaluation
SCE Portfolio Projects (OTHSCE)
Management Office
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Muriel Mewissen
Project Sponsor
Victoria Dishon
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