This project supports engagement with the University of Edinburgh Labs community through the Sustainable Labs Steering Group and other networking with colleagues. It has some alignment with the Lab Awards project within the Sustainability Awards programme.


The University of Edinburgh has a goal to make University of Edinburgh laboratories among the most sustainable globally. In order to do this, the Department for Social Responsibility & Sustainability uses the established peer network of labs practitioners, the Sustainable Labs Steering Group and associated community to guide its actions. This project ensures we engage with this community in the most effective way.


This project refers to the Department for Social Responsibility & Sustainability role in working across the University to engage with labs practitioners, coordinated by the SRS Projects Coordinator – Labs.


  • Ensure the Sustainable Labs Steering Group meets 3 times per year with agenda reflecting the SLSG programme, with internal and external key stakeholders engaged
  • Support labs practitioners with taking more specific actions tailored to their areas to test engagement materials and inform case studies on equipment and behaviour practices
  • Ensure there is a lab based Sustainability Champion in every lab by 2025
  • Influence the approach taken by funders to sustainability considerations.
  • Increase understanding around University of Edinburgh on the SRS impact of labs, best practices to follow, and support available.
  • Increase participation in the Lab Awards (see SRS Sustainability Awards programme for detail)


  • SLSG meetings
  • SLSG programme effectively facilitated
  • Local and university-wide engagement/communications activities (e.g. meetings, presentations, poster/sticker campaigns, newsletter/email/blog articles)
  • Outputs from equipment and behaviour practice case studies contributing to wider understanding and adoption of sustainable practices
  • Tested engagement materials appropriate for rollout
  • Full picture of Sustainability Champion gaps across the University labs based areas
  • Continued conversations, meetings and influence over the approach taken by Wellcome Trust and any other funders who engage with us
  • More teams engaged in the Lab Awards

Success Criteria

  • Engaged and proactive community of labs practitioners taking action on sustainability spanning across the University (including Lab Awards)
  • Sustainability Champions that understand the specific nature of lab environments to best support sustainability improvements across the Estate
  • Recognisable input into the process taken by Wellcome Trust or other funders

Resources, Skills and Costs

  • SRS Projects Coordinator – Labs time for the majority of SRS time required to build relationships and carry out projects with labs practitioners
  • SLSG members’ time to participate in meetings and follow up with actions
  • SRS Communications team time for development of materials to be tested where appropriate (aligns with SWITCH)
  • Engagement Manager time for overall programme management

Project Stakeholders

  • Lab Managers across the University
  • Technical Services and Building Managers in buildings containing labs
  • Energy Office
  • Building Services team
  • Other Estates colleagues
  • Sustainability Champions
  • Wider staff and student community
  •  External funding organisations


  • Meeting agenda collated with actions followed up
  • Communication and engagement with lab practitioners
  • Project design and delivery for case studies
  • Sharing learning with internal and external networks (incl LEAN)
  • Engaging with funders bilaterally and multilaterally (i.e. through groups like LEAN, S-lab, Russell Group
  • Delivery of Lab Awards (see Sustainability Awards programme and related project)

Current project status

Report Date RAG Budget Effort Completed Effort to complete
August 2020 GREEN 0.0 days 0.0 days 0.0

Project Info

SLB1 General Labs Engagement and SLSG Support
SRS - Sustainable Laboratories (SLB)
Project Manager
Andrew Arnott
Project Sponsor
Michelle Brown
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In Progress
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